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Magnificent column with the closed top of Crochet puff stitch Knitting by a hook the Lesson 322  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:12: licking lush column with a closed the top of a lush bar closed apex provyazyvaem 2 air loop for recovery
  • 00:30: then make sc on hook dress hook in base loop grab working thread and dragged through the base loop pull up a loop aircraft altitude 2 loops and then repeat again
  • 01:01: sc to do hook hook introduce in the same loop grounds grab working thread and dragged loop to a height of 2 stitches then grab working thread and We pulled through 4
  • 01:30: the loop is now in our the hook is 2 grab loop working thread and We pulled through two loops I repeat again we do sc introduce the hook next st base and loop and drags again and make sc
  • 02:03: smuggles new loop provyazyvaem 4 along the loop and then together provyazyvaem 2 loop this element number of broaches there were only 2 and therefore two arcs we we We can do any
  • 02:30: number of broaches and then the designation of element is change in this item three so will broach look lush column indoor vertices of four broaches this column also call letters or knobs I'll show you another option lush
  • 03:01: column for creep provyazyvaem 2 aerial loops Lifting doing sc hooked and now hook enter not loop base and under air loop grab working thread and dragged loop to a height of 2
  • 03:31: stitches again to do sc hook and re-enter the hook in the loop under the base air chain grab working thread and dragged loop and then knit similar grab working the thread is pulled 4 through the loop and then
  • 04:02: together provyazyvaem 2 loop looks like this symbol this element, and I I remind that conventions in different countries and in different sources may differ connection was Irina write comments put the huskies subscribe to my
  • 04:31: youtube channel style to email newsletter Online not since the beginner's point ru until we meet again