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  • 00:12: Hello my name is Laura and I am mom before you today Contact Me More bead here I imposed a whole bunch tiny and you I requested to contact great Knitting is not difficult but but also developing such describe that nothing not understand not therefore first disassemble
  • 00:31: Riddle we recruit 6 stitches 1 4 5 6 and connect them to ring polustolbikom such way connected Now this ring we provyazyvali 12 columns without sc
  • 01:09: of course 7 geese net December 11 columns without
  • 01:32: we knit sc then I tail I leave it to the front of the order to see where the beginning and where the end following a number of means third row we here we go Knit thus for the expansion of 1 column, without sc 2 column, without sc at one loop then knit 1 column no, we were binding sc
  • 02:01: Now he is one we I received the following we were binding loop 2 column Again column 1 the following loop two columns without sc as alternate until the end of the series 1 column two columns
  • 02:33: two columns as one column two columns one bar we It goes and two columns It means the poison on the way
  • 03:00: provyazyvaem not bead in a hurry we will have a bright yellow in Basically like It fits into the overall range of just as I I look not one big enough bead means necessary So we do it We reached the end of the series tail us shows that we We reached the end of the series 4 row we were binding in the same way column 1
  • 03:31: without sc in next loop 2 column with sc 1 and two columns with sc and two columns
  • 04:14: where you are the pillar so that we obtained It does well in we get evenly expansion evenly
  • 04:30: expansion and all krasivenko it bright yellow you're the girl from I am worked 21 witch column Mazin two columns
  • 05:00: one column of the column this column there is obtained in We end the series 1 Look column we got provyazat two rows of expansion If we start knit without adding loops without the addition of columns then we Now get this beads size here it is of such size
  • 05:30: if we want to do more is more one row more you provyazyvaete for the the same scheme that is one column, without sc in loop in the next 2 column, without sc in loop here we Knit 5 series we Knit 5 series we It happened here with this expansion we are now We will knit without addition and we yet we do
  • 06:00: make it striped It will be fine fit into the overall range of green yellow Reds general white will be good fit so we Knit 5 rows in total of since air now we have loops knit 4 rows without adding the loops It is simply provyazyvaem facial these so just about knit columns without
  • 06:30: Do nakida daughter and 4 we will see number will change in each color more accurately We will change each series we will yellow-red almost as a bee Ball which is kazhu it will be black yellow-red here we are at the same time here and anchoring remove to us
  • 07:00: This tip is not hanging provyazyvaem knit together with him full circle columns, without sc alternating the color each row