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tsvetok-motive, knitting by a hook for beginners, crochet.  See details »

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  • 00:09: hello knit flower for this I 8 bound air loops and is now chic connecting the first latest ring 3 aerial loops and Now knit in a circle 4 column one sc
  • 00:38: following this we because there are three the first bars with aerial loops and Now we get four is now a little pull thread and now introduce But in the third hook air grab the thread and
  • 01:02: Now provyazyvaem 2 more air loops of 3 aerial loops and Now we continue to b even in the range of 4 column one nakida January 2 3
  • 01:33: and 4 is now introducing hook in the first a column right here grab the thread slightly delaying and Now knit 3 aerial loops and We continue as itself with 4 column
  • 02:02: one sc a little pull thread is inserted in the hook first column grab the thread slightly delaying and
  • 02:30: 3 aerial loops and Now you knit circle round Now we get like petals 3 we tied petals even knit 3 petals at the end knit series into the third air loop connective column and another connective column in the next loop, and now here here a couple of provyazyvaem column Now, without sc 9
  • 03:03: stitches 4 5 6 7 8 9 and at the same arochki provyazyvaem column, without sc Now five air three four five and skip this one lepestochek and following arochki
  • 03:30: knit a column without sc 9 now again air here as in the arches column, without sc and so we alternating 9 and 5 stitches and Chick and knit to the end a number of series I dovyazala almost to the end and last we arches knit thus obtained 2
  • 04:00: aerial loops sc and now here the first column without sc provyazyvaem column one sc then knit one air loop Now I want change thread Now we introduce the hook here and in seredinochku
  • 04:32: I grab another thread and provyazyvayu column, without sc so now here in this arches large 9 loops of air 7 knit with bars one sc 1
  • 05:04: 2 34 sing 6 7 now air 3 loops and again here
  • 05:32: Also in the arches provyazyvaem 7 columns with one nakida 2 3 4 5
  • 06:06: 6 7 and now here small gorochku we provyazyvaem column so, without sc Knitting with repeat next arches so to the end of the series flower is ready
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