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  • 00:07: Good day today you Nesmeyanova Natalia blog author magic thread and I I suggest you tie like this cookie on rezinochke for child who It called rosettes I loved it This scheme is delicate Rose looks very lush and similar to real to us
  • 00:31: Yarn need java It was pink knitting scheme will illustrate and it will be posted on the blog at the end of Here's a handy large needle well, certainly need Knitting will lead crochet scheme is very Easy first row leaving a small distance to ties do first loop and type 48
  • 01:02: aerial loops 123 46 47 48 continue to rise 3 aerial loops one-two-three do sc and back from the beginning of 4 we knit
  • 01:34: 3 air loop column lift with and one sc further 2 aircraft loops back to February 1 the same column with the loop one sc We continue knitting February 1 2 air loop column with sc and then look provyazyvaem it in third loop 1 2 3
  • 02:04: knit sc knit loop again January 2 sc in the same most loop 1 2, and so on until end of the row 2 column Find sc in one a grain of sand in between 2 air from arochki and between each loop arochek of columns also 2 loops
  • 02:34: finish number provyazyvaem 2 Air loop January 2 sc into the last loop we walk a one-two with nakida here the first row is connected go to your knitting second row
  • 03:01: turning 3 eyelets for lifting 1 March 2 sc immediately and arochki between two 2 column loops pharmacists 2 2 2 column with nakida 1 2 2 aerial loops again in the same arches column with sc column with sc
  • 03:31: between them again 2 aerial loops sc's next arches with column nakida second column with nakida 1 2 2 aerial loops and the same arches column a second sc column with nakida January 2 go next
  • 04:01: arochki therefore continue knitting over each of the arches two columns previous row we provyazyvaem two column with sc 2 between which aerial loops so we continue knitting to the end of the series second row actually associated finishing arochki last February 1
  • 04:31: column with sc the second column with sc once or twice and the last 100 great meal overturn knitting proceed last row knitting We do and sc arches between our
  • 05:01: house and columns We start provyazyvat 10 columns with one sc notice attention to the scheme 11 columns but I have a yarn rather large so I decided stop at 10 two or three times so 4 5 6 sen
  • 05:43: 10 here I have 2 knit loops on them I knit 1 column, without sc then re-do sc in next 10 columns with arches
  • 06:04: nakida March 2 pododvinu Crochet 45 all
  • 06:32: 810 column, without sc and I go on to the end of the knit is 30 years sunset plates and a number of column without sc 10 in columns with arochki sc
  • 07:09: 4 5 6
  • 07:30: 7 8 9 Diss fix on bars for lifting column, without sc for accuracy Now cut off here Mutko and leave more thread because we are now we will form flower
  • 08:01: thread cut consolidated knot with gold take special large visually and return sewn back through the entire first row
  • 08:35: first row, we had simply air eyelets through one or two loops are and stringing get all the first row of our the remaining thread is passed through the
  • 09:00: fully stitched Now tighten and We begin to develop our rosettes add up neatly
  • 09:41: tightened rosette actually ready but still Fasten it to our thread we still wearing a needle sewn through a rose
  • 10:14: look at what petals want fix for example consolidated cores of wanted to fix this one last lepestochek
  • 10:30: stronger come back cores of possible but put a bead tie sew of course you can retain go on needle flower seredinku
  • 11:01: because we're going to I am looking for him to sew do Locking nodule and that thread in which was the first and take rezinochku just tie it our flowers
  • 11:36: I am right now tails Then I cut them will treat special place hide them there and to was stronger so at We have two rosettes 2 Clip hope my niece like you and also I wish success