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Crochet flower pattern knitted flowers knitting by a hook 65th lesson  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:15: provyazyvaem sliding loop and air knit 2 then inside the loop
  • 00:33: sliding hinges provyazyvaem 4 column one sc 1 2
  • 01:04: thriller 4 is then knit one air loop and 5 columns with one sc 1
  • 01:32: 2 Perrier 4 5 tighten sliding loop and
  • 02:05: then knit the two air hinges sc to do vdevaem hook hook in the center of our member and provyazyvaem post with Now one sc knit two air loop and do sc
  • 02:34: vdevaem hook under column one sc 4 provyazyvaem column one sc 1 2
  • 03:04: you review 4 and then knit one air loop now we will fasten Now this post with sc turn
  • 03:31: Business Jobs and sc vdevaem hook under this column provyazyvaem 5 columns with one sc 1 2
  • 04:03: you yard 4 5 knit two air loops and and then do sc
  • 04:31: vdevaem hook in Centre previous item here here and knit column one nakida all following elements provyazyvayutsya exactly as and when it is ready eight element connect them between
  • 05:01: they can be a join coupling loop and deprive the just needle and succeed Here is a flower