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  • 00:04: hi such I will show an option to join and the reasons when we He finished already is given some options how to attach pictures or motives on the last lap Here I will show you how and bond the strip and you join this He strips two other strips so go to complete your carpet or what
  • 00:30: you need I will use the same worsted use to weave these reasons and because It is type and Lasa measures a millimeter width if we measured with a ruler and I will use a stainless steel hook Number 4 I'm here to begin to weave two very reinforced chains I suggest that first accommodate their motives as you want them to go to be taking longer go
  • 01:00: where appropriate and reason go arming the garment and thus is less likely to be wrong will start with the side left here and I'm knitting a high point I will start my tissue of three high points together we have here I will fit into the middle to weave high point I take the hoe and will fit the here taking the chain hook for remaining two centuries and go up to have here a high point
  • 01:32: and then I'm going to knit seven chains one two three four five six seven I will continue weaving another high point Now in the next petal going also the highest point which is in middle part and taking the two silos being on the hook and here continues to weave the high point will leaving us again and let seven chains 3 4 5 6 7 and now I'm going to
  • 02:05: Weaving is double high point so he took two launched Look here have none loop only I have the He was leaning on the hook as a loop and back again to remaining two and loaded on hook Now this part is where I will join This is why this it follows that would be above so it is that I'll take the double
  • 02:31: loop and I'll fit into the following petal but this would be the first high point of the three here it left in the two centuries by the top without removing the needle or Hook will take the following reason I have and on the back side that It would be the wrong side I'll also take in the first He conceded the hook If you look it easier for the part back identify where the point because it is like a hole to
  • 03:01: spend time also be citizens They left us two centuries per share above so that in this way we stay prettiest union and I have Here the two points loaded on would be to hook and to continue weaving and finishing my double high point so he took the hoe and cleared by the two points that I am joining each One of the reasons He came through the point of this reason and the point of this reason Now here
  • 03:31: I'll weave my high point this way one pulled out two fairy centuries as two - wire loop and pulled He took the hoe and took two silos here I will continue with seven Cadenas 3 4 5 6 7 and I will weave in the next petal This is why we just grab without it is so twisted and remains of This way Front we lag behind and we weave our
  • 04:00: next highest point in the part of medium means that at the high point of This means so petal continued with seven chains 3 4 5 6 7 and I leave my next high point in the next petal taking the point in means the high point of e mail Here then he continued with seven chains 3 4 5 6 7 and here already got
  • 04:33: shore look like here and got to the Shore this reason then he took double loop and will take the high point is at the beginning not the middle because here when we go to join a subject with another so we took the first point and take the following reason and we go to first point here for the part of backwards and we remember well behind
  • 05:02: and we took those two pesos 2 point each of the reasons for remaining From here together and we will weave our double high point would be sa loop took a thread as the rear It took two and drew two loop volume edges and he took the hoe and took two centuries here was twice as high point in the middle part to join the two as we did here and so reasons we will continue with seven strings
  • 05:33: This is why it is only identify let's knit two high points that will correspond one to each petal and Next will be double high point It will be the to be bonded with a pattern another after high points and then a double high point and all separation we are handling here is 7 these would be the edges of the strip we are uniting but we are here only joining a good side and then look and an
  • 06:01: six reasons are thus 123456 only part of here above and these are going to be so Let 's say this this is my number six one example and so these two will be joined with these two with these two then I'll continue taking following this point there are no no problem to take the below because finally grabbed it and we
  • 06:31: weaving and all reasons are equal I then like you are staying at I do is take that continues to Now you know how I is that is right now being the first He strips but then they will be more strips which they will form a blouse that's what I'm going to knit and also'm going to show good as a chalequito and as if of you interested them and following this step after the tissue high point here will take the below and I will weave on the side
  • 07:03: right and I will weave directly starting at the middle part in this means Here I will weave a high point that is as if starting around as I did here only here I started around and just have you on this side now but we will weave be joining this part Now I have the highest point in this round
  • 07:31: back we will weave three chains to make only half to go joining this part here and we release the fabric and let's go finding the reasons and after the three chains I will take strings here and I will knitting a midpoint as suspending look the front and here I leave a middle point and I left three chains to continue on this ground weaving a
  • 08:04: high point in the middle part of High point of the three points here in the middle igualito as we did in this part only that we will now go half and half would be three networks and three chains and thus after tissue the high point we weave three chains and We now continue weaving in part in front if we here and wove a means then we point to weave a means
  • 08:32: point in these following strings hanging here a midpoint again three chains Now we go on this ground here if you've already mos our colons then we have to weave high point double top it is the to be bonded this why the new let's take ok all modes loops took the point which it is the first of three and then
  • 09:01: just he took this next - side reverse the first of three here and spent and Now if I leave my double high point equal we did here in this binding good since I left high point twice now I'll knit three chains and will continue the front row that it would be to weave my midpoint
  • 09:31: hung the following strings here three chains and we will continue without twisted remains our fabric here we see it is always in front of us to us and here we will weave a point high at the highest point of the medium of this petal and three chains and continue with the midpoint which will be hung here to join this Part Three
  • 10:00: chains and we look here point double high a high point we need another high point would be on the part of medium and three chains and we continue taking the middle part see this already grab now we need to win this with midpoint three chains and now follows the high point double look will match part back and here we know that will
  • 10:32: double high point and will be in the first in the first high point aquiles petal and take the other to unite and continue our second row integrating here let the high point three chains and We continue across each we leave you three chains based on three chains doubt aside and we grabbed the front
  • 11:02: three chains and grabbed the other side and 123 and again so that it is not twisted it is right in front of us We take defense and weave the high point It is in the middle part three chains and continue with that in front weaving the midpoint three chains and we continue with this high point again
  • 11:30: in the middle three strings and continues here another midpoint here and continue with three chains and now follows the high point double to continue uniting more reasons I will show you here if you will knit a scarf which will weave nothing to unite and end and what is around you and you weave as you want knitting can give you a finished according to the taste of each well
  • 12:02: It is how the union is the flower is here below is not binding if we just joining here in the middle to finish closing us or attach this part then continue just how we start here we will continue the following reasons here it we need to weave or merge rather whether we need to unite more reason width
  • 12:30: and they would already united in from here and here I am finishing and I have my three chains and here I have only one petal of I take two so after the three chains spent here in the following a pendant chains midpoint left three chains and
  • 13:02: He continued on the next petal weaving a high point at the high point medium and so I'll end up closing with a midpoint it is going to be right now where the turn start point high ie the last high point weaved will match the first and here we will weave a slipped point thus here I leave two strings very
  • 13:32: reinforced As before cutting started the high point here with you initiate here with the high point for generating the first round of this side and then join around back here Thanks for being here know very well until next time
  • 14:07: and