Larisa Saveleva

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Belly Dance How to: 1-hip Twist Walk Move - Belly Dancing - with Neon  See details »

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  • 00:02: walking with one hip twist start with a step touch pattern this is our footwork pattern step and touch with the opposite foot just touch the floor with your toes your weight is back here on your supporting leg don't put any weight on the leg that performs the touch step touch no weight on touch step touch you touch and then you make the step with
  • 00:30: the same foot step touch next step comes here step touch step touch now replace this touch with a hip twist just twist the hip forward and up as your foot touches the floor step twist step twist step twist step twist weight on one leg on the supporting leg remember hip twist
  • 01:02: is on the free leg walk back now step and twist step twist step twist step twist and a few repetitions with music let's go