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  • 00:12: Hello dear this question is related Yulchik for separately in I go with a blouse hood and panties This suit knitting to order but I recorded it
  • 00:32: to suit year and a half all because I recorded and calculation in my video all there think that there I have nothing but if you missed are questions write I answer of course is already bound pants I was not repeated panties
  • 01:00: tally begins knit the same way I was knitting mikan I see the only thing that I changed and the number of loops Now I will tell you modify on rezinochke I I gained 36 loops Knit just well as on the overalls 8 centimeters because that I will Lapel here under a But on this line
  • 01:31: He gained more giving Dubrava 13 loops from at the entire length of hari here the night I turned forty nine loops and here We believe risunochek as I have here drawing one two three four 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 figures and to tell you just
  • 02:00: here a little higher I I start to add here at this point I almost I began to add up tabs on extension such I was put to seen here and see provyazat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 10 10 straight knit 10 pictures and then You start adding first two series
  • 02:32: will add and then how many fizre Here we have added I see here even fit one I would risunochek He added in Odessa add until important on both sides added with history this side add add many loops and to you It received a total of sixty
  • 03:00: five five in general, add to the two parties on 85 and and so will you 65 happens if you will confuse this example drawing is possible without him but I have added make it more more beautiful only if this one little corner not to give Now empty and then I think that you look beautiful so I added
  • 03:30: one risunochek continue decrease and adding immediately five on both sides of 5 Lion pipe and gradually more about on each row one eyelet adds body before risunochkami than you diminish this one here and added that Now these extreme herring drawing in You will then two or three times 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 04:02: drawings and more here From here it is three parts knit up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 series pattern and now I have two parts and immediately I I will move to rezinochku Now they have me both I'm not part of the associated I became close up
  • 04:30: simply brushed on knitting needles 2 and now I need to will knit all collected by one needle both parts of that is, I I knit this one up end has not shown I rezinochka so too will I do not golubenky but it began to change color it is not essential because gum
  • 05:01: will be closed blouse does not matter how can color change image it completely never mind a facial eyelets provyazyvaete before the end of this series
  • 05:39: I dovyazala facial loops and now and immediately I I start to knit here this I have it too I collected and I come from I have here a divorced thread to it's mind I do not talk to him and
  • 06:01: tie my core strings are not died very convenient and that since such a wide therefore it is not necessary arms stretched good I hope I will not eat a tube and tied I begin it too knit also facial loops
  • 06:33: and knit to end of row facial suit as I said set of half somewhere where you suit golubenky because but that boy So you want when
  • 07:01: the girl can choose another color we give animals such
  • 07:37: we have collected and now Now this part You will knit just front embroidery knit somewhere 6 walking trails here And now, behold, I knit 6 series and now we
  • 08:01: rezinochka we will teeth will do knit 2 cloves 2 together with nakida sc and here and so to end 2 together nakida 2 together nakida facial 2 together and sc
  • 08:30: in this way thereby knit up to the end and so a number of the game After singing dovyazala on the wrong knit all loops purl shooting I first loop more I want to show one I thing the edge it turns out that's a here to I just loops who noticed how
  • 09:00: from someone who is It takes the wrong thread I somehow twists June here turns uzelochek necessary try to do so to have this nodule was not that is like this That's how this edge beautiful land of even when then will sew you will convenient and can be seen where a needle vdevat in this way
  • 09:31: Now this aside all the loops so that the backing Now we have this hole It was just a hole all are not closed loops and knit purl loops to the end of the series knit and then another 6 rows will knit you exactly just so I knit our
  • 10:01: rezinochku now just close all the usual tabs method is not very pulling edge 2 together with two such is how close All loops can be you can whale loopy seam sew but it
  • 10:31: especially complicated for beginners so simple close all tabs and just came needle and cotton close to the end and then that this part bend and bend here
  • 11:01: this part sew even here it can be seen on rim so you strong pull each and set aside But to this I have a daughter sew our here and So I rezinochku sewed closed and sewed our corbel now we have to be in I did not. Salad I
  • 11:30: do not close is not severing start Now sew sew details of our our pants inside out turns and here at this line can be but begin to sew but we need here
  • 12:03: leave room for rezinochki so sew so I the outer side of it at We obverse Now this external I ask the side so you take the external side sew
  • 12:32: so me and buckwheat so close crosslinking Only the outer part on the edge of his So and go to the inside of
  • 13:01: walk in this way I I moved to the inside Now part of this part I I will not sew now so here I fastened thread that she then did not sprawling several times a live and
  • 13:31: proceed directly to sew from here for this I prodenu thread here so you're not pulling I moved here and now that Part I will sew ouzo directly themselves pants more
  • 14:02: just beginning to consolidate thread and more here to these a flange thread in the Crimea on a flange Collar We sew our pants Look here me from Ira and here I will remain insert rezinochku And he further
  • 15:24: so as not to move out trimming all and that is not drawn too
  • 15:30: not much tightening thread them on move on so I came to the end and Now immediately
  • 16:00: I turn to sewing look on this side combine well again pants here because they should we here they are connected Now we have this honor and panties and a plate
  • 16:31: I immediately turn sewing without taking thread Sew this part something bears not sew on to top to search
  • 17:02: So mini. ended but you surviving to the top and then will sew Only here these here so the pants will your pants ready and so that's
  • 17:30: pants, we are ready I It pierced as I have It is shown here on this look out between the legs and up this side and then I pierced already here on this line and all left only insert our rezinochku we have for this hole It is on this pants ready