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babochka for a decor, knitting by a hook for beginners, crochet.  See details »

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  • 00:10: hello knit butterfly recruit 7 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 connects the first last loop
  • 00:32: then knit 3 air hinges and lifting loops 3 for one or two arches Now three middle provyazyvaem round two column one nakida January 2 and 3 air tabs
  • 01:00: 123 repeat first bar 2 and 3 aerial loops and so the circle I 7 tied like these ray of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8, we were binding
  • 01:34: last 1 column with one sc and the third air we loop provyazyvaem connective column and the next air loop provyazyvaem another connective column here we
  • 02:00: It turned in a circle 8 that's just such a ray knit the next row 3 aerial loops and in seredinochku circle provyazyvaem two column one nakida February 1 is obtained 3 total and further 3 aircraft loops, and here in the same circle provyazyvaem 3
  • 02:31: column one sc 1 is here and here the second 3 and the next arches knit the same way the three column one sc further 3 aircraft
  • 03:00: and loops back to the the arches provyazyvaem 3 with a single column first second nakida and a third knit so way to the end of the series dovyazali number to the end and at the end of the series in the third air loop provyazyvaem connective column knit
  • 03:31: next row one air We do loop 2 sc and arches provyazyvaem 6 with two columns sc 1 2 3
  • 04:00: 4 5 6 6 that it's tied more one air loop and again here Also in the arches provyazyvaem 6 more with two columns sc
  • 04:36: 2 3 4 after all 6 and then skip
  • 05:01: three columns with one sc in here between the posts provyazyvaem column sc without further knit the same way in arches and next to end of the series dovyazali until the end of the series and in air loop provyazyvaem column connective here you can thread exchange
  • 05:42: Now knit columns without sc a different color first thread air Collar skip 1 and column second provyazyvaem column, without sc strings it now
  • 06:00: we carefully hide continue
  • 06:33: so their seredinochku we couple provyazyvaem 2 column, without sc 1 and here is the second then strings neat and trim Now continue knit a column introducing hook 1 provyazyvaem only five columns without the last sc column, we do not provyazyvaem
  • 07:11: here is the last column we do not provyazyvaem more introduce the hook bar without sc previous row grab the thread and provyazyvaem column without sc we continue to knit
  • 07:30: then skip 1 and in the second column knit a column without sc 1 2 3 4 5 seredinochku provyazyvaem 2 column without nakida January 2 we continue this way to knit end of the series at the end of
  • 08:01: row 1 column nedovyazyvaem and air loop, we provyazyvaem connective column on thread can be cut cut thread make a knot and tighten Now add up floret 2 times
  • 08:34: to stay connected even the body and antennae 10 air recruit loops and for Chuck torso 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 this body and now Antennae 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • 09:08: 10 skipping further 2 aerial loops in third knit polustolbik air loop and here is where knitting polustolbik even connective bar and 7 stitches
  • 09:34: and snip provyazyvaem connective column 1 because Three knit 7 connection bars recruit a second feeler 10 stitches and snip 5 6 7 8 9 10 skipping
  • 10:08: Two loops in the third knit polustolbik air loop and here as in the loop we provyazyvaem connective column and knit connective until the end of the column mustache
  • 10:37: tied second and mustache is now following whether loop here provyazyvaem connective bar and more knit 9 polustolbikov and three loops together provyazyvaem
  • 11:02: sc again and the following loop so knit to the end a number and tied tendrils now need a needle to sew
  • 11:31: butterfly butterfly if you are ready I liked my video subscribe to my Channel place husky if you have questions ask I'll see you on my New video tutorials to goodbye