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  • 00:12: Hello Friends, today we are going tolearn how to make this stitch Basket style this is our today project It's made in multiple of 4 and to do sowe must work in circle this is the project we are going to makenow
  • 00:30: for the sample that I'm going to made weneed to stick a chain of 40 let's begin.... 1...2...3...4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10...11...12... 13... 14... 15... 16... 17... 18...19 20... 21... 22... 23... 24... 25... 26... 27... 28... 29... 30...
  • 01:00: 31... 32... 33... 34... 35... 36... 37... 38...39...40 I'm going to close the circle always be careful on not twist the chain here we are... close
  • 01:31: and I'm going to continue a chain of 3 in each one of the initial chains we are going to make a double crochet I'm going to continue... until I finish all the stitches I finish this round joining to the begin
  • 02:02: of the chain here I already have the round we are going now to beginworking in the stitch I'm going up with a chain of 3 I'm going to left two spaces two stitches and in the third I'm going to make atreble crochet front post
  • 02:30: I'm going to make a second and I going to get back to thefirst two above I take the First, and I going to take the second
  • 03:05: and my first cross it's done again, I pass up two take the third always in the front post the fourth and come back
  • 03:31: to the two first First, and the second I’m going to do it one more time Pass up 2 Go to the third…and I take
  • 04:02: In the front post I make one and then the following one and I get back to the two that I pass up the first And then6700:04:25,544 --> 00:04:32,968the second
  • 04:32: I’m going to do this all around I’m finishing this round and now only left four stitches I take the third one I take the fourth and I get back to the first
  • 05:05: And to the second now now I join to the base of the chain and this is the end of my second round to continue I made again
  • 05:30: a chain of three I’m going to work where I have the stitches are in this direction and I’m going to take The front post first, and the second...ok
  • 06:04: to work with the points to be in this way, Then in this case I’m not going to take this two points for above but from the back of the knitting I just did I’m going to take them here
  • 06:30: I take out the loop y I begining to close two by two again, I return come in behind take the Stitch pull out the tread and close two by two in this case, the stitches
  • 07:00: are above notice that this stitches are below I’m going to repeat again… I take this two stitches here going in In this way, I pull out my loops take the second
  • 07:33: and pull out my loops to continue I’m going behind and take the Stitch from here pull out the thread and I begining to close up to here
  • 08:00: in the second I do the same I get in from behind and I take the stitch here I have the Stitch pull out the thread And I begin closing and it’s left behind we are going to do this again
  • 08:30: to be totally clear double loop this are the stitches I need to take pull out the thread and close two by two Again: going in chain of three pull the thread and close two by two
  • 09:01: the next one’s are this two here go in behind pull up here I have it pull up pull the thread And close two by two again double loop
  • 09:33: I’m going here… this is my Stitch pull out the loop and close two by two
  • 10:06: I’m going to continue until I finish this ound I go This round it’s almost done and we are going to continue ... I have here the two stitches…pull up I have here the first
  • 10:30: pull up do the second and going back to the two stitches in this side from behind I pull up pull out the thread and I begining to close I make the second and I just finished this round
  • 11:03: I join Here to the chain of three this is the second round on this knitting 18300:11:20,827 --> 00:11:22,836now to continue we are going to work in the opposite to the direction of this one first round...ok now it’s to repeat
  • 11:32: this round and this one The difference is in how we are going to take The third stitch and the fourth then we are going to pull up the three chains I’m going to position where I have the two crossing stitches I’m going to make my first two stitches
  • 12:01: in the previous round I took the stitches from behind in this round I’m going to take the stitches from the front this is the only difference between one round and the other here I have the two stitches going in ... and pull up pull the stitch...and I make my20600:12:23,827 --> 00:12:26,127treble crochet I return… go in…and pull out and then I do my treble crochet
  • 12:33: and now this is already to21100:12:37,545 --> 00:12:39,918this side one more time and we already finish because the only thing we need to make is to follow the two pattners from the first and second rounds 21600:12:55,250 --> 00:12:59,018here I have ready this two I work in the front
  • 13:01: taking this then I going in pull up Pass thru the thread and closet the stitch again the second...pull up take the thread and close
  • 13:31: this is the patterns that you need to follow to do this basket this is the stitch that we learn to make today I hope you liked and see you in a comming opportunity