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  • 00:01: hi all me name is Val and I am again you thank you very much We see that you and great-great Thank you for subscribing Today I want to show one options like cook cabbage risks for help this we need cabbage Buryachok carrot sharp pepper if you have fresh wonderful garlic Vodicka sunflower oil vinegar, salt and sugar Now we need to cut large
  • 00:30: cubes cabbage platelets thin enough colored Buryachok and carrot than I now do all see sliced large enough the pieces do not have to fine too thin platelets and is too thin platelets have Rommie garlic Now all we Mix it all
  • 01:04: mix well that it was evenly on whether all anywhere Now that's all that on which we have finally turned we need to lay down in the capacity in which you will fill it fill me this will banks now we do fill pour into a saucepan vodichku sunflower oil
  • 01:31: vinegar pour the sugar and all This is an argument to boiling and full dissolve the sugar and our fill of salt boil and now pouring boiling we We fill our jar neatly to not to burn so we supply then in a jar room temperature until full cooling then send
  • 02:00: it's in the fridge so looks like our cabbage few minutes later, as the We filled it with our Gulf glasses to see it become a here are many, many here very very fluid it is important to strongly dense cram it in a jar it will be soft and very well settle after our cabbage completely I sent her cool in the refrigerator for three day and now got trust very flavorful and delicious cabbage necessarily necessarily if you try like spicy
  • 02:30: add to cabbage even ground red I pepper like but sharp I have children who passionate about I imagine this cabbage I can not afford that are treated to their raduyte their guests close subscribe to our channel and put husky see you soon