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Video subtitles:
  • 00:01: So today we prepare funky flavor and shortbread cookies for this we It needs oil sugar and eggs a little salt and a little soda and Come You can still make not white cookies coffee replacing small of the flour cocoa
  • 00:30: then we will brown biscuits So we take the oil room temperature whisk Sahara when the mass becomes magnificently white and squeeze our table without sugar then we will add rest Ingredients
  • 01:00: start off So we have butter sugar maturity add to our
  • 01:33: Call I want to add here
  • 02:05: until the eggs are done we seams flour you years mix
  • 02:39: So, our amount of money gently pull out and knead flour Now we have
  • 03:30: in parts behind
  • 04:06: so our dough ready to shift the container and cover film so that it does not zavetrivalos carpenter opened and
  • 04:31: We put in the refrigerator for a few hours in order to formed the cookies we keep in shape is not so We got out of refrigerator dough cut off small part to comfortably was rolled roll out the dough until thickness not more than 7 57 millimeters
  • 05:01: millimeters will be sufficient cut out
  • 05:32: add up to pan you away roasting
  • 07:28: We set the oven for one hundred
  • 07:30: eighty degrees willingness to be and even they will not get golden brown a shade below will be and when only We pulled out of the oven
  • 08:00: better his spatula budge up she left All our cookies ready good to go before