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  • 00:04: love burgers almost all cheap and fast tasty but not all obtained cook really tender and juicy burgers like just do it now tell Andrey Babayev Meet the legs and we the meat for a long time know everything and delicious burgers can is useful for tasty can I probably cook for the time of work prepared 200 tons of meatballs by hand but not of course by hand
  • 00:30: 50-60 Prescription how different years various different meats raw materials have, in principle, their own hands if you are prepared Now teach me cook 50 kinds like years, I do not even have time to to leave the house as it was already I marry but to marry Basically varnish off Cape and leader of the cutlets minced with grass in Zenith is born kobe steel such strife supply and agera fucking He knows and Redemption sata fat and diluted bread and kisses on Ural and dharma far 1 of the boiler that the shaft is higher than larger on the
  • 01:00: to celebrate the island to impose higher the kitchen is the word kind of like the French word burgers the transition rbc Alla scrolls from minced fish c right to that cutlet with original Shmatok myaso on brush fashion for rubles for meat Peter and killed pedestrian fed island procs you a hundred years turn down the necessary steel of people can lower juice you so here is a lotus stuffing respected ovy bitch but spark on the left and reigned in party bosses European Union
  • 01:30: greatest potter penetration of cooking addiction hour Leonid Brezhnev gancia clubs harmful No it has not from grass all animal chisels Antoshka boyfriend gave Chef peremeletsya flash sprat Raziel up even became China called tender before the speech to the table and I cutlet and Brezhnev and chopped znaydy was walking meat bread for stuffing something Tsybulya secret you bitch nach runny juice you you hto tender cutlets on formulation and q today revealed to us Andrei Babayev chops it
  • 02:00: He said something quickly and cheap and if we once the whole family manfully We will meet for half a day to do a lot of stuffing for lepim delicious burgers and Then we freeze can for two three months to eat this semi-finished products I think about how it would be cook whatever tonight snack at the same time it will be a home semi-finished product of the right foods and extremely delicious to start We start saying from there the story woe What is the story about dining room and chops do not city and you know I
  • 02:31: He told his grandmother when she told me I bought a child burgers in the shop where my grandmother coupe yet they chop shop so some bread smelled Speaking of the purchased cutlets and my girlfriend husband says I when he was in Institute's there the dining room was the most delicious burgers I tried to a life Why meatballs in the dining room was delicious because they were always juicy and if to this cutlet was touched the tip of the fork it but simply crumbled of theory can say that the meat in this cutlet was not More than thirty-five
  • 03:00: per cent of the rest it was a bow milled bread water well and also fat was the composition in Soviet delicious cutlets and composition of our proper home cutlets it was just pork and beef soaked bread and milk and I'll get burgers who have prepared in advance what you have beautiful they are and that is special technology production chops with using a conventional knife and this has taught us is frozen They burgers to taste
  • 03:30: will be the same wonderful as freshly but that in the end and we check indeed it We check very soon because we have We begin to cook homemade burgers By the way how long can be stored semi-finished cakes harvested in freezer for about 3 months modern burgers They can be stored up six months as packaging write many manufacturers but it is possible that These athletes will be used preservative once I came across a book 77 Year Technology Books public power just in the book I here you
  • 04:00: I read this recipe in the home and 50 meatballs includes percent meat Pork is the concept both summer and pork beef meat from concepts cutlet beef and theory of of meat can be cook meatballs that they It was not really the most expensive meat any meat dishes Of course if you really many veins in meat will be correspondingly patty will be tough It is tasteless and and can fall apart that is better choose meat fatter clean it from the veins and prepare a What about fat meat this is also It can be important cook cutlet
  • 04:30: thirty forty percent and fat you love all the time but the figures speak me as a hostess important understand if bowl of fat that patty will be from of which more it will be from the school it is more juicy and softer if we we want to preserved natural the essence of lean meats should we cold all products should be cold Chop we will the denser it in we never fall to pan I thought if meat Frostbitten and apply temperature processing that is just then it will become There is a hard
  • 05:00: in view of the meat under ice cream temperature somewhere -2 This here is the degree the temperature at which goes natural protein from meat and creates a sort of that's such a heavy meat matrix is secrets cooking cutlets today Andrew reveals Babayev in the kitchen pour the crumbs milk soften our meat dishes his way effrontery and here, too, as the food have poured onto the eye because the cracker in Basically, it takes Statement as much water as he can it a kilo of meat we we can put soaked about 200 grams of crackers with
  • 05:31: milk crackers you need a separate cook or can take a simple loaf fresh bud we nothing at all get a burger Why do I sometimes just a piece of bread take if it is fresh as a this we will be more it will not be knocked such air second secret cooking homemade meatballs bread we soaked in milk must be stale or it crackers We prepare the stuffing and the like long should soak the breadcrumbs in milk confuse two or three minutes to soak in milk interesting to you you begin to cook I just stuffing crumbs
  • 06:01: they just spread the right amount preparing to with their meat skip to mince evenly you Michon through our kitchen stuffing machine succeed uniform and meat It will be crushed exactly how to in minutes Andrew when you first started cook meatballs Still, not all man is able do I find make a experiment Institute grandmothers grandparents passed different kinds of meat colleagues in the Institute and accordingly that of it had to do meat was there laziness fresh
  • 06:30: constantly that every could anyone you prepared like your friends asked additives whoever I doubted I need one onion per kilogram of meat It obtained 200 grams crackers soaked milk and 100 grams Luke So it turns out that we will be 30 per cent no meat and bread and Luke thanks to this burgers will cheaper than usual meat and delicious but if we will take the meat a little bit cheaper as I became cutlets on meat and on forever the market sold a
  • 07:00: and will beef Goulash Goulash way I now it seems I understand why my girlfriend obtained hard not succulent burgers she went to the market I bought most lean pork very expensive and beef Fisher also to to please her husband and and she obtained dry cakes 20 if we want burgers cook Diet and merged add them more bread or the potatoes and processed cheese were such experiments cheese anyway juiciness not give to
  • 07:30: plate it will give more a delicate soft consistency listening 4 I do not see eggs we egg can add more greasy hamburger while It will be right it will bind if we make cutlet in which a lot of meat and wherein the lean meat where the egg is not sure you can cook cutlet without eggs, and it will also be it is delicious delicious and this is another the recipe cutlets at home you need to watch that add any cheaper also expensive meat or also a couple of eggs can be
  • 08:00: here it is necessary to vary the I understand why you and so and so say you want all hostesses like but as well as without it universal need no prescription order minced meat was more tender and it must Knead well and their like can knead minced it just simply add salt repel and add pepper the salt which dose we used to feel is about 10 grams per kilogram meat about 2 teaspoons spoon you never the taste will go wrong and salted and they have burgers We lean to the pepper
  • 08:31: have interesting the story that at the beginning and He pulls all oils that give aroma of burning pepper and from then on to our Ukraine dishonest manufacturers deliver it which empty pepper It has no taste without smell and I think God how can I have a sharper full plate of pepper but I still Nile often industries is technology to 100 grams of pepper you add us to from one manufacturers direct super taste acuity another producer sprinkled 800 grams tasteless the severity of nothing
  • 09:00: It was an ordinary secret producers it was though seeds I had a year in Odessa was once found smuggling of red pepper it was normal chili powder brick horror it's you knead or I would let lower beat about here so the second flew beat the stuffing dangerous than just knead to more effectively what It is first Stir and then to fight off any state how you you define you already
  • 09:30: enough to suffer the have minced we well connected taken normal cutlets size is 75 to 80 grams have checked was if djadka 60 to 50 grammes it will frying dryish if by patty still about fit into the palm it's around here somewhere 70 grams is 80 thousand it is she herself burgers we can prepare in breadcrumbs and without and how best andreas breadcrumbs on whether it It will be more juicy more tender both it is crumbs seem more fleshy breadcrumbs there are different
  • 10:00: the size of which is better plan cutlets if the biscuits too large fry it on oil background will a suburb of It is too hard have any need be sure to if steam thoroughly amount smaller in basically anything terrible and will not another secret if Do you want to cutlets were more juicy roll them in bread breadcrumbs do our cutlet standard size can cutlet make here but they need a grieve over because if Utah roast cutlet like many housewives complain here fry cutlets estuary us burns and inside a barn that is exactly why
  • 10:30: get high temperature pan covered cutlet inside the crust is not time to melt and respectively inside the patty Crude remains so when the thickness or height of the patties ideal centimeter for meatballs and it basically normal to was comfortable comfortable fry prepared cutlet and I'm looking on consistency minced structure and I think our worth whether to do both some housewives double-pass meat and onions over grinder to generally more tender this was we can skip twice give an eye juiciness and splendor of our
  • 11:00: cutlet that is, Nothing in this terrible is not it is absolutely OK and here's another one secret cooking homemade burgers if you want to very tender cutlet miss minced together with the onion and breadcrumbs twice in grinder and how correct roll because here, too, may be nuances waves to avoid cracks because when it is fried crack it disperse at the seams in biscuits we we can add any spices but should like this shake off a cutlet to extra crackers it is possible to delay even thick on topic Eye and technology that your these
  • 11:30: stuck 2 percent biscuit which he the perfect girl, and I We got out of the refrigerator frozen meatballs who prepared exactly the same way to compare whether they will the taste and the same extraordinary tender and juicy as well as those that we just you have prepared He said via knife somehow possible configure it women who previously molded in the shops burgers they could cutlet schnitzel sculpt two knives that is, they took the knife two or three times like this so incited him and quickly fashioned per hour rather a large number of
  • 12:00: sweets but were even long stretched to be able shape normal cutlets Secrets frying meatballs and that if at the cutlet us fresh, we fry it on average temperature to formed a crust gift then with a if we take the lid frozen semi-finished product is not worth too soon to do heat spread on average temperature under cover cutlet steamed inside thawed and then and fry in the usual the usual way act act what do you oil common Refined and if there is
  • 12:30: Olive is generally Here you will olive Well not burn up after we We learned how to choose olive oil in including refined I understood why despite the fact that it expensive and frying it better to use refined Olive oil has higher temperature heating until when it begins excrete carcinogenic substance means we can chops fry without fear absolutely right You can also cutlets for beautiful color after all even beef fat and sponsor trade
  • 13:01: Brand to the Tulchin gives you the ability get our studio Project and prepare dish with Tatiana Litvinova details of the competition Tulchin on site Korean who these are heated I can still say an interesting fact that in modern cutlet production example so there are concepts triple the breading there for at cutlet It may be a percentage the meat is less than or the same as much as herself layout the date it 50 grams cutlets can safely 50 grams of breadcrumbs how it's done cutlet skipped at the beginning of the type of flour then she watered Are zones and the further they arches Lizun is a liquid
  • 13:31: breading in depending on the stickiness and viscosity or zone, we can nanoshu cutlet stick very very a lot of crackers is that you tell very similar to products from fast food which is breaded made on the cut Just seen this one genre and concerning freezing burgers we have freeze at temperature of at least desirably 18 degrees minus and minus -18 -20 -22 whereas it freezes very quickly it does not formed practically ice crystals there well warmed
  • 14:01: vegetable oil and forward because if the cold absorbed fat yes Of course you pansion please place for frozen meatballs let's place is always there for burgers and there is always a place favorite saying one of my friends you now remember and some frozen some fresh cook I know some of them frozen what no but you do not I tell you to them tried and I think that was different you they are absolutely not They distinguish you
  • 14:30: I have such rosy outside but inside still course work session yes we are, we cover cover reduce fire roasted under cover and then dig a little further water to their steamed as minutes under the lid so surely there no mote is not It remained about 20 minutes frozen for fresh athletes time yeah when cooking equally only five minutes frozen we chop steamed under initially cover to melt it that it was not formed something unpleasant black burnt legs and 20-25 minutes we were with you
  • 15:00: compare the taste frozen freshly but homemade burgers for us the time fly by home fragrance meatballs are spread all over the kitchen first roasted now under ready to cover and I think so do you still remember what burger I was frozen you think you Now all we are sitting and and try to guess until Andrew gets burgers I recall how we prepared them for cooking homemade burgers you need pork beef milk
  • 15:30: dried bread crumbs for breading onion black pepper salt meat on the scroll add the meat grinder soaked in milk white wheat bread Onion also miss Minced through a meat grinder season with salt and add ground black pepper and other spices to taste form cutlet roll in breadcrumbs and then fry in skillet over medium heat or freeze two burgers fries sides until golden the color and then under cover 20-25 minutes look at burgers and
  • 16:01: understand my guests also to them It looks the same feel their smell it is for me where torture eat more burgers Andre Well, of course I I knew that you zadash this question and I have a will I desire therefore cooked meatballs on all I have but our burgers with you the problem is not just there chops and understand It is the taste freshly homemade burgers from frozen please Help yourself my guests and we you will try
  • 16:30: Andrew come on I'll have to eat all 4 chops and the You should feel and of course the difference you are smart cutlet gentle like Summer juicy and flavorful where are you hiding frozen patty soft and juicy and delicious I try to fourth cutlet
  • 17:00: sure this is frozen today somehow cry of taste there is absolutely no different from you, too all burgers equally tasty and only young and I like years and ate convinced that correctly frozen homemade burgers the same delicious as the absolutely fresh true great you Thank you and nice thence