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  • 00:09: Hello good Welcome to my kitchen today I want submit your attention very simple seemingly crazy primitive but at the same incredibly tasty snack everything what you want can just itself in itself a of green pods beans and tomatoes
  • 00:31: here I did not complete somewhere on a pound 400 grams of green here beans and I do not I know in Russia and in Europe there is such a here tonyusenkaya beans that want say it is not the essence it is important you can take generally flat Simply more often found it this one is very nitrogen such cute thin trunks and tedious it the number of about three
  • 01:00: tomatoes here such size then now I on fire should saucepan with water on three-quarters filled I water it thoroughly salted somewhere I there is one and a half teaspoons spoons of salt, I should to bring almost to boil when it this will be discussed at water surface and should drop to Beans cook it should be
  • 01:33: Not that Sir but she must be undigested not as direct raw remove one small piece he did not try should direct crunch under the teeth but must not melt one say This cold appetizer it can be much plenty of time keep in the fridge posudku and so beans
  • 02:02: to have created the I it'll get it is very pleasant to a tooth that's not wrecked but not Now let's say I its probably on strong enough fire but somewhere in 10 minutes Now what do we do with tomatoes Now this water that us from the bean we left and merge if it is still a lot there reserve volume around somewhere half cup to add a floor
  • 02:30: cup of vinegar every you can grape take me here on my apple and and I will say right now I am often asked five percent take the floor this cup vinegar pour its water the rest of the under
  • 03:01: our beans and to omit tomatoes together right with the skins so that they well razvaristoy skin so, too, had departed from the main tomato everything and then it, too, take off I'll tell you then we will do while I I cooked tomatoes prepare a mixture which we all We will fill in where it should
  • 03:30: will stand up but desirable day especially before the first although the use of so tasty a thing that I do not think that it be delayed long your the fridge then take here such here plastic container and spread installation someone first layer Now that's green beans Well leave side means taking just this much
  • 04:00: We pour vinegar of same to us you need it a little salt salt to taste Well I have here somewhere will be quarter teaspoon salt then we need I mean paprika red pepper, too to taste the eye but I think that a little
  • 04:31: less than a quarter teaspoon black pepper pour it on somewhere not knowing tea Measure out the spoons
  • 05:00: somewhere I have here go 45 tsp vegetable oil can take olive but personally I hate the taste of olive oil I use corn always and here you must not namely cut Again squeeze it on who likes to taste Garlic who do not like me as a fan garlic for me than the more the better
  • 05:30: somewhere 3 cloves garlic and so the volume garlic this is my snack Grandma loves cook on your day birth as well as for the new year It is too great especially boiled pork So
  • 06:03: now proceed to the assembling our meals monitors already in I fell starred they pelt them still mindlessly hot according to form Tomatoes that have You will have flown me such dlinnenkie must be cut thin thin these videos I obtained circles nevertheless
  • 06:35: spread it built over the green and pour the poor This number here mixture
  • 07:10: but our appetizer ready now and submit to fridge and it is desirable that it begin to consume with but the next day It smells so delicious I palatability that I want to have to start now so that I I hope that you succeed prepare such snacks all Bon Appetit