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  • 00:00: Hello! With you Anchik Martynov! Today we will weave a bracelet in Kumichimo technique with crystal beads. This tourniquet is an excellent alternative knitted harnesses. Making it very easy and super quickly, but for strength and flexibility, he does not lose at all. The material that we need: a black synthetic cord, Diameter about 1mm, crystal beads 3x4mm black and silver color for 120 pieces, two caps 7x6 mm, two stud studs, two rings
  • 00:31: 5mm and the lock of the carbine, the Kumihimo disk, which can do by yourself. Superglue helium, scissors, round pliers and pliers. Let's get started! Cut 4 strings on 120cm. We connect these cords to the knot. Now string on 30 beads for each cord. Instead
  • 01:01: beads are also suitable for large beads №5. Then we place the node in the center of the Kumihimo disk, and we distribute the cords in the slot near the black dots. For spiral the pattern is important, so that there is one color of beads on top and bottom, and on the sides of the other. First, we'll wove somewhere 1.5 centimeters of the usual bundle, in the previous video lesson We examined this weave in detail, if you
  • 01:32: missed, a link to it I'll leave in the description for the video. Now the most interesting is the interweaving of beads. Technique weaving is the same, only now we weave
  • 02:05: on one bead. It is very important to put a bead under the horizontal thread on the left if the bead is taken bottom and right if the bead is taken from the top. That's so easy and simple. By the way, there is
  • 03:20: a lot of patterns that can be weaved in this technique in total of 8 cords. Under each option, I will not shoot video, as they will all be monotonous, just leave a video link to other options for video, and in I hope to try everything myself. Well you are sure to send a photo of the finished products which we will put in a separate photo album in our group in contact with. In the end, we remove the cords from disk and tied into a knot. Next, take a piece of cord
  • 05:10: and tightly connect the end of the bundle.
  • 05:41: A little glue on the knot and cut off the excess. We pass the pin in the cap. Apply glue to the end of the cord
  • 06:22: and we put on the cap. When the glue dries safely take the nippers and bite off the extra tip of the pin, and then round shoulders. Now with the help of rings connect the lock to the bracelet. That's all! The bracelet is ready!
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