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  • 00:00: Now this double braid consumer side it Wrong. by inverted bottom up on the sample I took note of gum 2 2 ie the first rows gum 2 on February 2 and facial backstitches on face 2 purl, and so Further according to the scheme we
  • 00:30: box office itself Here is the part between the pink labels piece thus It fits double braid we were binding ordinary gum 2 on 2 each interlacing you leave the hinge 4 There are 2 front and 2 backstitches all as it turns out we harness it touch if we get 12 reset here this loop part of the scheme
  • 01:02: It begins with a facial 2 2 facial sign 2 2 backstitches facial 2 purl 2 prices backstitches first fit normal number of means to on the basis of the scheme drawn series only face all purl rows knitted in pattern here we provyazyvaem ordinary number like 1
  • 01:30: gum Here we go Spit herself let's do it here ends on It is the base web base web at We also gum
  • 02:01: this case seamy side Now this series to knit like watching the loop have over facial knit 5 chicken seamy purl is you still drawing canvas but the picture itself we have insurance fund itself is not 2 facial provyazyvaem 2 purl ie this is our
  • 02:30: distance between weaves up backstitches and facial 2 backstitches and basic dovyazyvaem cloth Now we will weave look the circuit
  • 03:00: at first provyazyvayutsya pair facial steam backstitches provyazyvaem their first provyazyvaem the web is not with anyone then according to the scheme drawing from and share 2 and backstitches then we are the world Cross right and crosshairs part 8 loops just two pairs
  • 03:32: facial purl we reserve a scooter and spoke before work because 3 plus right calf remove and reserve The following two pairs provyazyvaem provyazyvaem since look loop that is facial provyazyvaem facial purl provyazyvaem Wrong then
  • 04:01: provyazyvaem hinges with Supplementary spoke with us here too 2 facial nasnimali provyazyvaem their 2 facial purl provyazyvaem Wrong dovyazali needles removed from robots for dovyazyvayu
  • 04:32: drawing canvas Opera's site Now we cross provyazyvaem 3 because lida like watching the loop we have now from one wrong party It is a series of backing goes on this one here are a number of drawing and Wrong again the there are three rows provyazyvaem
  • 05:09: it was a story about provyazyvayu and see that we have
  • 05:30: turned on seamy side Here we took the cross formed associate number then knit this series our facial runs as an ordinary eraser Now this series we knit knit a back row with this hand side
  • 06:00: Now we will knit last front row ie drawing perry Cross left 8 loops cross 4 loop This we still major painting itself here box office so we remove the 4 sts on supporting 2 facial needle 2
  • 06:32: facial and 2 backstitches and dressed her work on how to knit looking 4 a loop the loop that is, whether prices fasten facial purl provyazyvaem Wrong 4 loops knit next
  • 07:03: provyazyvaem hinges with Supplementary needles Gospodar the spoke in we have a couple of personal and the pair backstitches have facial facial we provyazyvaem facial purl provyazyvaem Wrong Now we knit purl loop 4 loop
  • 07:31: all we knit We made an overlap here He turned needle probably remove itself we no longer need and knit down the fresh as the sand look loop provyazyvaem number again look at that We got here at We first period west
  • 08:00: which will not take our second turn over to the wrong side look that It happened here this is the first crossroads dota 2 wrong side we knit like watching loop in fact we were binding gum
  • 08:38: of facial knit face on I'm alive and purl then it's ticket office and 40 spit Now the base web Davis see what happened but it is known to a side
  • 09:00: ie we knit 8 series here are a couple of loops scheme is different the fact that the figure all once again shows how It looks from the front hand how to look backing box office that is, if you move You will knit this way it will be two
  • 09:30: sides