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  • 00:05: Good day today, I I will cook steamed spareribs it's very fast and easy recipe for this recipe to me need pork Ribs Allium nigrum pepper basil and vinegar I have today apple cider vinegar want and you can take any first I marinate ribs for this I will add Apple vinegar
  • 00:30: somewhere 4 tablespoons spoon black pepper basil all carefully Stir and leave somewhere in half an hour OK marinated During this time, less often onions went well here Half an hour ribs marinated and Now the total will fry on vegetable oil until
  • 01:00: golden brown and then I shift it shape which will be their simmer on here I fry the ribs Onion is shifted form which will simmer added a little boiling water You can add any vegetable or meat broth, I believe that Water in principle quite enough Now Cover and a small model I will simmer somewhere 25-30 minutes
  • 01:31: and five minutes before the end of extinguishing If salted ribs ribs in the court salt After they get a more gentle and soft Well almost ribs now I'm ready their ambassador readiness ribs very easy to check you just have to take for a tip if it well put out bones like mine at once and easily then leaned ribs ready body put out somewhere else
  • 02:00: minutochek 5 will not Well off ribs completely about preparing I advise you to prepare for this My recipe