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  • 00:02: hi all me I'm Wali again you and today you show one more Salad Recipe any holiday it you decorate your table for that we must be fresh cucumber greens parsley or any dill and other herbs cilantro you like cheese boiled egg onion crab sticks about cooked rice corn canned salt and black pepper
  • 00:31: mayonnaise, cheese, egg us it is necessary to rub on large bow and torochke cucumber slice small cubes but before a cucumber it will be necessary to cut shkurochku I'll show you then as here now at this busy and so have We now all sliced thrown over us Now I take the capacity and here everything is absolutely
  • 01:00: We begin to pass Crab sticks onions egg cake rice and cucumber cubes
  • 01:41: You should stay with us here these here shkurochki But in this form, you see little bevelled along cucumber and down we used as leaves for our kukuruzka It remains so herbs for decoration cucumber leaves and kukuruzka now we all this a little salt
  • 02:01: a little pepper and lubricates mayonnaise and On May 5 goes mayonnaise a little over here supply overdone it's all good ex and lay out on the plus a flat dish in the form of corn cob here is a cop in we should turn Now we are left kukuruzka greens Now the easiest this method kukuruzka dumped here and and just so, and that's
  • 02:30: press, well is not so beautiful we are it's play for a long time but it's worth it to each kukuruzka will be here and so very spread to We get exactly ears and so on until the end All our salad ready for supplying to the table here So it looks like I think will adorn any holiday so pleasant appetite subscribe to our Channel place husky
  • 03:00: bon appetit till