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Proteinaceous Custard - the Miracle on your Desserts!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello good Welcome to my kitchen today I want submit your the attention of one of the most luxurious creams which in general can be come up in the industry confectionary This protein custard cream I personally think it perfect PWM cream much higher goals oil cream because this cream You can hold out refrigerator almost not a day if you do not more than that is it
  • 00:30: suitable for example for registration wedding cake cake day Born ie baking that dessert rather which should be and delight your eyes There is also a protein cream you decorating wafer rolls of duct puff pastry sand baskets ie the berries He is a fantastic cream and above all He holds a stunning shape that is with him
  • 01:00: you can work for decorating your confectionery prepare it incredibly simple here I have two eggs we need We only squirrels You will need to complete 2 teaspoons lemon juice and here in my saucepan ready then 1 cup is 250 grams of sugar and half glass smooth water normal we do
  • 01:31: We put this is now business enough heavy fire and when already begins to boil we will have start beating our whites until I forgot say that the proteins also need to add a pinch of salt and until cooked syrup we will have stand and enough long more than five minutes must whisking continuously at great speed our proteins, and then I
  • 02:03: I show you how a way must be determine how Our syrup is ready for to his combine protein weight proteins we whipped and you they should look be so that's tight does not move and not run and now I I want to show you that then take a sample syrup is not tight very dense ball
  • 02:30: here I have brewed my syrup syrup which will added to the cream Just hot off the fire I I forgot to add that two tablespoons of lemon juice went into the syrup they eggs eggs went Only the salt well, look so he has a pretty he turned thick no longer flows Vodicka and now what we're doing we must take Ice water than
  • 03:02: colder the better take a little bit on how on the tip of a spoon our syrup and slight drop if you look You see in the water formed a caramel ball means all your try and this means that Syrup is time off and actually start
  • 03:30: whipped cream be careful if you and your digest the light syrup original cream you It will be the yellow and us initially needed product that is shining white so gradually add a thin stream our pen
  • 04:22: and so my cream ready please do not confuse all is dealing with cooking
  • 04:30: meringues because merengue yet it something that is baked in the oven turns in Pisa or in a slightly golden brown for pie or cake is independent cream Cream is why I him in this quantity cooked in a bowl I put The fact that we her husband just adore so sit and spoons from small sticks portions of watching a movie eat this evening Cream I sometimes go there blueberries or strawberries
  • 05:01: Finely chop it all turns there can be amazing any nuts or cut or potoloch that is, taste it Well simply divine that is, even here Vanilla does not need add your own at just imagine incredible and I I did somehow here cupcakes and decorate them such spirals of this cream and I leave them for a day on the kitchen table and that's how I betrayed
  • 05:32: how much is the same the amount I saw on next morning products from oil cream though they too are possible they can be cream decorating different oil Dessert Oil cream yet to keep in refrigerator and apply directly to I present here the table an example of a wedding best cake option decorations if the wedding cake you will do it their own hands which decorate it
  • 06:01: it is here that cream safe option and now I I want you show a couple of options like can confectionery syringe with different nozzles do decoration from this cream here's a look what it such tight turned whipping it is necessary to constantly and after stopping you pour to the syrup and beating very high speed while he's not here
  • 06:30: harden and then I Now he will try to gently place his cream injector look like Ideally holds shape you can decorate your cake as you squeezing let go instead to tail more squeezing a lot
  • 07:01: releases you can give a beautiful a wave
  • 07:36: a word pleasant you fuss and sure to take recipe of cream on Note you will not regret