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  • 00:00: Hello cabbage lovers Now we'll show you we harvests cabbage she is not pickled but It is obtained as pickled so I cut start here this knife very handy widget I recommend heading out for this we need cabbage and two carrots
  • 00:30: These are bulbs start cutting potatoes, cabbage cabbage cut first two parts of stalks of cobs and dinner begin processed cabbage first cut here
  • 01:03: this part is cut off this knife then here this meal and then later else it come you can work it turns out here such swarf chop and throw down
  • 01:51: basin we have here Shreds he is like us and the peace whether
  • 02:03: Of course it is necessary to stick 100 better care comply with these wet q environment and security on the same island so
  • 02:32: and that's way cut into
  • 03:15: Now as you can see Here is such a Stumpy her bucket on This I still shoot when I finish it is cooked cabbage and shall cut then continue
  • 03:31: so the cabbage is cut chopped onions here from the two officials is how to you saw at the beginning of movie Now cut here as cabbage here roughly about himself seen before the bowl 10 eat well plus hill Well, I think 15 liter a bucket or a half million of simple 10 liters all that we have to throw down
  • 04:01: certain capacity to be able to all Stir quickly and so get enough sleep we have specially I have so much, and we all were doing so well pour carrot onion
  • 04:34: onions can be who does not love Do not bow can be a piece of Now we are now we use cabbage word and it itself does not bitter sweet but still we add sugar
  • 05:00: add five tablespoons That's about sugar So Now teaspoon red ground pepper without such a top
  • 05:30: volume and teaspoon ground pepper black without top 2 can be black only give no red as black pepper format anyway fragrant
  • 06:01: and can and tea teaspoon dill seed before we Istomin made possible add cumin instead dill who like so now sunflower oil on such an amount of 300 grams unrefined oil that is
  • 06:33: is refined butter so it cleared means that refined here and 100 grams of our oil Russian and olive sunflower tasty
  • 07:00: and a stack of nine percentage of vinegar stack 100 gram Now as you can see I do not salt add salt in the end and salt to taste
  • 07:32: is that amount I take somewhere here too, somewhere in the stack's capacity 100 gram until a then I'll taste to try and start vigorously all Stir to all allowed sunflower oil I
  • 08:00: I do not think intensively stand out juice in this case acts as preservative ready salad and maybe there but because through it October 15 20 he already gets
  • 08:31: another taste good go on like salt normally can not try to try well as more salt
  • 09:01: that on your to do enough in general as you understood salt to taste So all obsessed Now start laid banks
  • 09:31: banks and previously washed steamed roasted in the oven Now I have this here design sold in the shop and laying begins cabbage in the pot laying Put the tightly
  • 10:03: Now in this way straight donate am applying but not overdo it here so and so Further
  • 10:36: At this point I must yet finish shooting because this time out when I mortgage All banks then hands it is necessary to wash tighten the closing Bank with us how you We understood these banks is threaded with a hut are not seamers such fees but you can
  • 11:00: such simple banks who ordered Case cover previously too prokipyachu it now they are in boiling water before going to we close them pull out with boiling water They like you to understand hot when the rope good cooling baptize plugged well
  • 11:30: all natural So there And with such a volume it turns out well, with reserve bank did about 6 liters 6 is obtained liter Well, just in case can cook more cans to
  • 12:03: enough and so strap filled hour will begin close the hot water I merged and begin closing lids I do 100 pieces of 2 hectares so once again cover so close here yet do nothing
  • 12:45: this borders desirable products cool place I think most optimally is from 0 to 8 degrees here we
  • 13:05: since the year left bank stored as He kept us here floor where I think 15 degrees in the summer is not I rise above here and that's how everything is visible I do everything at once cool place just do not need home keep warm and here last year the bank
  • 13:30: though now open It does not hurt ok right now I open something really course of this year so here we are We manufacture cabbage for the third year to the third year we like spring especially with fashion impregnation goes well good for salads And so there is a salad
  • 14:00: delicious but we recommend this ends Bon Appetit