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  • 00:02: what browser Imagine that you are in huge library millions of books most small or large tonnage consisting of only one page all the pages of a book, even pictures encrypted this library is nothing more than the Internet billions of pages of books that have websites
  • 00:30: to at least something to understand and especially to find Dinner at this same Internet you need a special device program which can show all of humanly Here is a rather such programs called browsers as well close the words Abrams view review only using a browser you can browse
  • 01:00: Internet content examines upload images read the text to search for necessary information Now you see it is a help using a browser there are at least a dozen well-known browsers the main ones internet explorer Madina headlights Fox from pirates ray image itself google chrome
  • 01:32: to find out which of them are you now use just look to the left upper corner shape or box in which you view it prompt and read the name of the browser If you want to learn and version of your browser locate the upper-left media word of guarding or a certificate, and even place it
  • 02:03: then click at the bottom drop-down menu on the word given as 1 program you'll get information aig Version your browser