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  • 00:01: today will buns balance us You need flour sugar Milk yeast egg butter salt and vegetable oil warmed milk
  • 00:34: add sugar and yeast all good stir and put in a warm place about 10-15
  • 01:01: minutes to melt the butter a response to the cup 2 tablespoons melted butter it is useful to us in oil, add salt
  • 01:30: egg a good mix in yeast departure in oil egg mixture
  • 02:02: stir sypte here sifted flour add 2 tablespoons tablespoons vegetable oil and knead soft dough
  • 02:37: knead until until the dough is smooth and stops sticking Crook's is prepared dough easier to towel put in a warm place about two hours to it
  • 03:00: came coming up the dough should be obmyat and to come again coming up the dough again and hug
  • 03:44: to roll about thickness 5 millimeters last
  • 04:00: well greased oil and liberally sprinkle sugar
  • 04:30: the time to roll roll and cut into pieces width of about 45 centimeters each
  • 05:19: a piece cut in half but not until the end and open the bun
  • 05:34: bun was melted and the pan bake preheated to 180 degree oven about 25 minutes Now they are our fragrant hot
  • 06:01: bun grease the remaining melted butter and let cool