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  • 00:01: Hello my Name Is Val, I'm with you again great-great thanks for your Subscriptions for your husky thanks Today I'll show you how cook one just wonderful delicious light salad for this we necessary leaves salad tomatoes his mushrooms marinated chicken cooked hard cheese salt and garlic mayonnaise now I'm into small pieces of leaves lips salad on a fairly small pieces less often
  • 00:30: tomatoes Squeeze lemon 2 tablespoons juice mushrooms I have not large here such here I will divide it into 4 part of the meat is also a medium-sized strips chews enough fine grater Potro cheese and I mix the grated cheese Garlic year I salad I broke these pieces Now here I will add tomatoes after all, and what pieces Now mushrooms too
  • 01:00: all four parts add now chicken too large enough pieces but it's request lightly and stirred I will leave now! Now make the sauce grated cheese see shallow enough so It is much better here and there adds finely grated garlic You want to start here
  • 01:32: We pour the juice lemon so I said 2 tablespoons spoon a little prisalivaem and here also add mayonnaise all very very knead well that was homogeneous oil and so here is a now we have the salad
  • 02:00: Now we smear sauce which we I do like this are now It looks like the wind More liquid enough the doctor found it all Now neatly stir after what we have our salad send to refrigerator somewhere 1:00 that he Currently, here is a great salad we was very very fragrant delicious believe necessarily
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