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  • 00:00: hello today bake very easy and air delicious dry cake with meringue surprise in five cold separate the eggs proteins from egg yolks remove yolks in refrigerator sealed container In this recipe we are not scat adding proteins in small pinch salt and whisk to
  • 00:31: low speed big foam increase speed and whisk until proteins getting tight foam without stopping whipping gradually add 250 grams sugar and one teaspoon vanilla sugar beaten egg whites Caution stir with a spoon with two spoons or confectionery the bag is deposited on the
  • 01:01: pan lined with paper Baking cakes diameter about 30 years in every pie dent surprise nuts and a quarter mask the protein bake meringue with surprise in advance preheated oven at a temperature of one hundred one hundred and ten degrees Celsius about 2 chasa
  • 01:31: and should not get dry and light meringue cake Surprise can be stored in a closed dishes without We serve the refrigerator meringue with tea or coffee our website videoculinary.ru or in Russian videoculinary.ru section pastries and under cakes and pastries You will find recipes and
  • 02:01: another of baking protein assay inspiration luck and pleasant tea drinking