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  • 00:17: devchonochka greeting Today I want to to make a very simple Pie is called big moms for this we You need 1 cup
  • 00:30: sugar and cool but then fall asleep eggs are added and it is everything has to be very well Beat natural mixer
  • 01:00: poster are
  • 01:31: Now that we then I got add 1 cup sour cream it's approximately it turns again tablespoon add here sour cream then I
  • 02:11: add 1 cup flour and 1 cup semolina Calvary semolina
  • 02:32: a little different and the great need is Stir well all
  • 03:09: then when I once again stirred the I am taking mixes and very Shake
  • 04:15: Here is the dough we Now I got cooking multivarku bowl I Multivarki
  • 04:31: has covered sunflower oil is now ready flood what I do then close the lid press the menu button We clicked on the function
  • 05:01: bakery products then the old and in an hour cake will be ready said farewell, I will not an hour later I'll show you a pie at me turned already passed an hour and our cake already ready I press the button
  • 05:30: cancellation under the open always the same way to depart steam and water in glass it myself someone's liking she faces a matter of fact your comments I will very nice hear your opinion sign up please my Channel place husky and I want to say that after start 20
  • 06:02: this minute Monique top little sprinkle Cocoa is already someone that like all bon appetit bye Bye