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  • 00:00: hello I want to show tell how could be linked Here is such a floret openwork crochet We start with the Center for this recruit around 5 finger 5 rings tail reserve and around finger typed 5 times two three thread May 4 good hold and pull loop tying petelechku
  • 00:35: remove from his finger sprat well we adhere to It happened here is ring with a tail now we have around the tie and columns, without sc skintight at each other bars you can not knit certain number of important to good bars adjoined to a friend the friend with the tail We are paving
  • 01:07: inside the ring binds to the end this can ringlet even a little bit like this pull them to they were good and up the end of unloose Now we come to the end tail back and first petelechku
  • 01:38: coupling loop close series We will continue to knit Here are the columns here with one sc To do this, we do 3 air hinges lift and air 4 air loop 1 sc loop in each of the loop ringlet will provyazyvat column one sc air loop between
  • 02:08: bar in each loop provyazyvaem air loop from above air loop column with sc and circle to the end provyazyvaem column one sc air loop and below each loop provyazyvaem
  • 02:40: column one sc air loop bar one sc air loop bar one sc air how to knit loop the end of this series column one sc air a loop Well, the end of the fruit
  • 03:20: knit and here we come to Now the end reckon there are three aerial loops and third connective loop closable series, we have a Such a center flower Now the next row we will knit
  • 03:50: make one rise full-time loop and will knit here between these columns on two columns without sc strapping between the two column, without sc like a circle We are continuing between the We introduce two arches hook provyazyvaem 2 column, without sc and
  • 04:20: round two columns without sc between day each not miss
  • 04:55: between the wish each loop provyazyvaem between them in two columns without sc and here the past two
  • 05:28: column we have a number to the end I came in first loop knit connective a column like this now we need to associate here these here These arches here for arches petals To do this, we collect 8 overhead chains pyaterik one two three 4 May six July 8
  • 05:59: scored Now We are putting in a total of We look to it good lay along our previous renting and column without sc tie the next tab 4th 8 air tabs and attached column without sc Knit 8 Eastern eyelets
  • 06:32: applications and provyazat the next tab 8 also air loops to attach And so we are left with this is now spacing visually makes divide it in half and just knit 8
  • 07:02: aerial loops a chain of four more the eight and now approximately half 100 so divided to evenly distributed the and petals last Dick air chair 8 eyelets and the first that we had to without points on based knit connection or
  • 07:34: now here's the arches that we have turned our We will impose on their petals To do this, make two column, without sc and 9 stitches 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 this is the beginning the first lobe Now knit a column four
  • 08:06: sc 1 2 3 4 Now hooked on us Now four sc we shall bind in this arochki you can distribute fingers hold as lest they flew with the hook Sc 1 2 3 4 provyazat and closed the following column of the table and also 4
  • 08:37: four nakida column We will bind to the same arches 1 sc 2 3 4 closed the following column, we will knit 3 sc on hooks again two or three times two three close to three sc
  • 09:08: hook one-two-three-knit next will knit 2 sc on Hook on February 1 arches 1 sc provyazat 2 nakida knit and closed 2 sc on the hook 1 2 nakida whether Provento sc knit have closed here
  • 09:38: emerges as such lepestochek it can be throw to harmoniously beautiful now looked We will knit 1 sc 1 sc on the hook tied 1 sc knit sc Now tied polustolbik made sc, and together knit even
  • 10:09: polustolbik made sc, and together knit pulled knit and now one column, without sc Here we turned such lepestochek we tied 9 air loops 1 and then on four two sc column three sc two columns 2 sc two
  • 10:40: column one sc two columns the floor on the floor knit sc two bars and 1 loop column without sc go to trail and petal repeat also knit 2 2 2 column, without sc 9 air tabs dial and here we
  • 11:12: then circle also continues will knit four three two one polustolbiki and sc circle continue crochet knit here all the petals to end and now we you need to close a number of To do this, knit connective column 1 column and second column
  • 11:45: and now we go on Now this here arches which we formed of 9 aerial loops it binds us without columns sc 10 columns without nakida 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10
  • 12:26: was tied now we at the top petals is such Here arches feasible To do this, knit 8 aerial loops 4 June July 8 mated 8 air tabs release the loop We introduce the hook in the first loop here
  • 12:57: and through this first pull loop our air chain and circular this air chains that happened tied with ayu columns, without sc to that laid columns, without sc So we are now tied
  • 13:35: here here here between these provyazyvaem another column, without sc and now on in every here this loop will provyazyvat as without bars sc in each loop Now knit almost
  • 14:14: until the end, and here it It was a good transition We will not knit columns, without sc and connecting columns We introduce the hook in the following loop loop and pull through her stretch this loop more So We introduce the hook in the following loop pull loop and through it
  • 14:44: stretch and loop But in this base when we knit also knit one bar connector We entered and knit then get a nice and digging lepestochek go the next knit one connection column and knit Now here's the arches of 9 loops also were loosing the 10 columns without nakida 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 15:15: knit Now also knit this one here lepestochek 8 stitches 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 8 loops have little They pulled released
  • 15:46: hook hook withdrawn in first previous and loop through it and pulled the air chain and air chain also strapping on a circle columns, without sc in a circle until the end
  • 16:18: So we cut and Now among these this column introduce more hook and provyazyvaem 1 column sc without further each petal each loop provyazyvaem column, without sc or hook pulled Knit or hook dragged specialist that's going almost to the end
  • 16:57: tab and the previous next wrap and knit connection 3 columns column 1 column 2 column connecting and here in this loop here third chair provyazat go to next lepestochek one connection bar also further
  • 17:27: I knit the arches Strapper 10 bars and knitting We continue as before end of each lepestochek like this got all ready svyazochka col. at the expense of the bowl looks good now there are only cut eyelet trim thread enter here knit another
  • 17:58: coupling loop over here can be knit on January 2, and example thread and pull the tail it longer refuel gypsy igolochkoj Now this has turned leaf flower let's knit together