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  • 00:00: good afternoon or evening Dear visitors channel today we you will prepare cottage cheese Adyghe some call cheese on R & D, etc. and the like as in common people SIFCO why we It needs 2 liters pasteurized to I take away shop and two and a half percent
  • 00:30: fat and required teaspoon citric acid write order I took on a liter pan I get used to such two liters of milk I put milk on fire and stirring
  • 01:02: I bring it with a slotted spoon but not to the boiling boil once over surface milk appears so that light smoke there is evaporation begins well, February 2 songs So in the face insert or on one, two if by hot
  • 01:31: February 1 thousand already hold it is impossible for 2 here just two hot at this point take teaspoon with small small slide a spoon citric acids well slightly so here's citric acid remove milk
  • 02:02: bend and gradually introducing infection the citric acid stirring stirring jelly our you see the same immediately It began the process milk collapse it is good here and so Stir somewhere two three-minute we process
  • 02:30: ended activity and clots appeared in we now our crud I I will pour out such a model design I took the essence in a jar of mayonnaise pierced to I took the check pan unnecessary and two nails on here unnecessary griddle Warms give hot and this heat the two
  • 03:02: stud diameter two and a half half millimeters and here do three or four So I took the hole bucket from under mayonnaise do this sieve the bottom was now I'm going to side I also took the help of capacity for barbecue
  • 03:32: and for marinating cover's cut scissors hole But under this here jar that she slipped the cap dress tourism in the holes on the the someone here insert our a lower cup from mayonnaise with rules contact holes is
  • 04:02: we lay our jar from under mayonnaise 1 layer of gauze and merge there clotted our milk after As leaked all milk covered and that the same could still be as the remaining curds and
  • 04:33: pressing down from above Bank took the same size that is, out of mayonnaise and here quietly Retractable and top you need to put the goods I take the bank to fill in water and 300 grams letting our design and like this I leave under pressure our cheese is 40 to 50 minutes to drain sera
  • 05:01: It took 40 minutes remove the sinker We take out our cake neatly focus of this capacity you already
  • 05:33: It took shape basically keeps this simpatichnenko us turned passed on to our cheese plate Adyghe
  • 06:02: net weight we We received two liters of milk 250 grams Adygei cheese and half liter serum bank natural in Basically our cheese ready but it will not cheese if it is not salted so take half a teaspoon add salt shallow in 250 milliliters serum which
  • 06:31: formed mix merge in a suitable container previously there we shift our cheese and fill this salted us Cover with serum cover and remove in refrigerator for 12 hours through 12 hours 6 ready for use
  • 07:02: we put the huskies subscribe channel all pleasant appetite and to new meetings in the new recipes