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Video subtitles:
  • 01:03: Once there was a light on I am sorry but you You see themselves as today terrible weather and Once there was a light on frog-wah today is already well
  • 01:37: you asking casting and not at such I exercise rack
  • 02:41: Offer mumbles quack quack girls were said eat again eat received offer a meal what a lift
  • 03:00: hvastiki again unanimously man is not a long time to
  • 03:31: I think at this time of year All the ducks fly south and the south is what South of this, even my Grandma did not know and my grandmother was the smartest our girl quagmire most smartest frog
  • 04:01: know if that this Become Whether you are on the face How many of you all say.
  • 04:30: really need you can fly to the south
  • 05:00: reminiscent there I do you dear said that the edge reminiscent of a paradise what could be paradise if there is no mosquitoes and worms midges Whereupon goodbye to us it's time you do not have the same this idea of ​​wings
  • 05:33: the idea that let and the strongest all
  • 06:01: all the better It means you can replace each other and yet I beg approach you I wonder what it is is invented to steal something Who do you unjust in it that it is the ordinary empty
  • 06:31: external rather you You will had to go ingenuity marvelous idea here you dummy Now you & Cute appearance
  • 07:18: and if you only knew how it feels wah what I it is an idiot in addition to the main were the main fragments of other thoughts
  • 07:34: now I tear see exactly 1 down and Hereafter once empty and no
  • 08:09: take your attention laid on the two method fear beauty Look at this calm and expanse Fields on this silver channels and lakes pour and wooded hills as it descended
  • 08:31: cattle and unfortunately vitarna frog I did not see it hanging on twigs she could only look up and I saw only flying on the bottom clouds evening duck We did spit well, what you
  • 09:05: just think about it flying frog it is natural first visited heaven who will not be ill leave it alone she needs to rest
  • 09:32: ready to listen to the morning wah asked so as not to fly high she wanted to at least see anything
  • 10:15: frog heard this and she got 7 know whether they came up with it Anya has and who is I came up with a cunning
  • 10:32: Unit
  • 11:14: I invented scientifically fantastic way to the south
  • 11:40: reminiscent of another sky fly I fly and only one away in front of spreads without end in great beautiful like
  • 12:00: descended from what swamps commanding summaries our no no how do we decide to seek more fly farther
  • 12:34: vote who for that keep looking tail lift Well, who for that fly further means everything will depend on I have my voice decisive let me think
  • 13:06: sorry for the frog I decided to vote for it turned out that I have nothing to vote and have to fly and more than likely all the better and when my pile
  • 13:32: me on the ground Ren Tao tower frog Allow me on this the picture does not say
  • 14:00: hold every day wah told about his trip she always spoke the same as the Once she had finished and talk and began to shake Well
  • 15:10: I am not now fly I fly I fly over
  • 15:51: It may be the day after tomorrow one word on them but not tomorrow
  • 16:00: the next day not to Recently someone Pushkin ducks flew not
  • 17:13: I do not I still vital shoulder hit or that look for I fly I fly