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  • 00:00: We continue the conversation you have your eyes on rehabilitation articular diseases and faithful to rehabilitation joints in the treatment of articular diseases that in this case the main but I have all of their I teach patients for Except problems ministers of the meniscus like in the rest other cases arthrosis of the knee joints for arthritis poor composition and the for a heart attack poor staff will not be recovery if you joint is not that is pumped joint to
  • 00:30: restore We need to bleeding I went to the flow of blood They came into the nutrients that is, if you drink Now a lot of pill medicines for such improve nutrition joint cartilage and and action will be much weaker if you is not only blood and just not will inform the joint so my technique based on the fact that we continuously and in large amounts but relatively large apply gymnastics that is, we
  • 01:00: doing gymnastics the emphasis here is general recently realized how it is necessary with patients gymnastics plan the kohl to convince I used to just Now I have appointed I not always understand many do not work They want to do gymnastics now I immediately came to me 10 makes the patient minutes to do exercises with me after this year try to become legs and as I always in the situation I make to work with one foot man remains This compares here We have worked a lot it is not worked out in It is expanding its eyes though I would have become Now this leg
  • 01:30: pumped easier with other ministers problem as it meniscus injury often are young active people and those who He loves to I call sports Furious athlete so then there's people which are difficult to make sit they have another place trouble I tell them here Meniscus he heals from three to six months do you have an operation You do not often all operation is not necessary it is possible meniscus you are healing well but if
  • 02:00: You give him rest 36 months Now they just not the other way around they stand catch more more pressure on the legs that is, they throw more engaged again some sports because the body in they require and by grant meniscus and the treatment of takes much longer time, that is, if the bulk patient with art roses they suffer from lack of activity then those people who problems with ministers more likely to suffer from excess energy
  • 02:30: I want to say to our viewers and now Pavel V. repeatedly used the pronoun we have is it is not magic greatness this he has meant by this pronoun myself and my wife which is developer gymnastics special treatment and wonderful gymnastics it It is described in the books very simple but it at least as far as I remember it is based on asanas of yoga that is or affinity which is but there have kinship there are very strong
  • 03:01: they differ in the south static man I became in some position and and stands for peace but Well it FSUs and do smoothly slowly we all the main emphasis of the sock darkness has given out that the exercise will be done smoothly because the man sharply waved foot this is not a current blood it happens It is going on slightly here When slowly slowly ie work
  • 03:31: foot that is tributary blood goes much more we measured it even visually seen the groom to do like gymnastics filled with blood Containers that's the way I about yoga like you ask because many central channels recently I passed the information so I just I searched devastating in side of yoga is how time with regard hip joints and also shoulder that people do not prepared trying to say so make and execute well can be
  • 04:01: instructors not very experienced whether yoga could damage ready to sign each word successful even on this article topic that is what many if Astana Hybrid wow this also on the conscience Instructor should let do not know well, but again, begin to teach others and the other disciples are injured why Indians most Indians
  • 04:33: has the genetic they feature hypermobility a figure that is they are prepared to something hyper 1 their mobile increased flexibility joints is that Hindus have naturally They're not books written all grow stretch out sit under the posture They have no lotus just written Sit in the lotus position for them it is a Cumin is easily almost any Indians from gilding Our people can not they in another country joint and trying to have the same is not the lotus position
  • 05:03: simply tear yourself the meniscus tear is folds hip joints therefore it is necessary to understand that's such a hyper mobile people our population but Russian to such seven percent in Hindus and 70 per cent we have 7, and the way it is the sow with pleasure It is engaged in yoga They all easily It turns out it seems that it should be and that after all and when they start teach and or other here here just fold joints so we actually a
  • 05:33: the wife of his time We create our methods ladies here have removed these here but dangerous exercises and leave alone smooth pumping that list but this does not mean that Yoga is not at all some useful there are moments just when you We do yoga all this to do with the mind
  • 06:03: I understand that not all that somehow I do that Germans what Nemtsov goes well all the Indians in useful approach Russian and every measles suit Russian stomach