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  • 00:10: communicate your drawing suture needle forward or I seam city I speak not cars 2 dividing position 4 1 row maroon 2 Glue a third more lighter than the first row
  • 00:32: embroider short League and school dark color gun short and burning beetle and five minutes later I came close criticism from strawberry and turn the second number of young intestines
  • 01:01: is now shorter and burned they have me on the edges obtained the left side as the sticky point they We should not be blocked leading as right bid I turn on the 3 to lose a needle insert over the line and now google
  • 01:37: right hand carry different chips the length and the left hand they are of chest language and more He continued to survive even shorter gonna get shorter next stitch up length
  • 02:01: ken way things wish you to midway later 2 to return back the end the opposite end of strawberries I turn on the following series have come on. I am also having 2
  • 02:30: I keep adding embroider short clay chips You see I can not sew up The edge is very then to the menu stitches could shave any more another kind
  • 03:08: yedinichku paste remote sheathed and then I went boxes and division bags I take 3 tons of pitching Top Acne values sheathe fourth series of things
  • 03:35: and I put my gut Ms. stitches I outline obshego strawberry around three half length centimeters in width and three centimeters she is not big just happened
  • 04:00: 4 rows for finishing I It took multiple bright strings into one addition to the main strings poured your basic drawing I initially did not embroider on a very tight when this is what was the possibility always add another
  • 04:32: This light embroidery it becomes richer beautiful together here I I feel as if between a utility I embroidered which were visible to This pastry is necessary Vadim take one position, and here I am in staggered I scatter about embroidery top tea strawberries
  • 05:01: which faces the light it should given light and the bottom part of a darker there can be added More red now add Touches of light pink tone again, so I It is added as it RosPil scattered on embroidery chess order of
  • 05:56: embroidery should not be, so do not
  • 06:00: Keep it many apply 0 so one to another part they still shall stir up between the threads of well, Now I will I show misconduct knot and let the white ribbons two turns around needles can be quite this is not done by 2 show you that there is also a option too
  • 06:32: and now proceed to leaf they should be on the sides of the poor and within dark color and two leaf and type elite I, too dark thread I take out of this color your fox. plus you can still add one light tone for finishing in this way embroidered small leaves that literally I have the first row and 2
  • 07:00: It will be long that's so small leaf I embroidered a widow stay here and I turn to squeak embroidery dark color I take a deep green strings in one position
  • 07:30: why I take one thing go well, beat very little our place to stay and not to sew just two lids and more stitches why do not to give subtle strings Map believe 35 which was very small Merkulov error best kneading thin thread because I do not burning effect you I literally do two stitches and you have not
  • 08:01: It will be so in this rich embroidery stitches inside peacock dark dissolve embroidery Well, yes and so I embroider on Paper
  • 08:30: I do not add the flour yet one for embroidery the other angles leaves and sheathed com as well as continue embroider, and he told Notification negative try to let embroidery use two additions and one addition particularly suited
  • 09:00: embroidery tablecloths and napkins curtains covered ie you are doing it alone two threads faster sutured covered quickly fabric and embroidery Logic then water button the rest colors in general, that I cheesecake case three colors He added another except tricks on the mouse and squeak
  • 09:30: prikipet add pale gold that Take the last hatch I would like to show you in this tutorial how to spit Hi and spoiler wefts 2 addition and brought
  • 10:00: We put in the general very slowly begin approach artistry embroidery start why small forwarding lesson suitable end As you can see there is no nothing complicated
  • 10:31: it is designed to those who never tired of embroidery if there is something you do not necessarily clear I write I to contentment again impregnated I'll show you how I did their embroidery and a0 next lesson their embroidery I
  • 11:00: issued gold cord seam with crepe at its next tutorial, I'll tell you about old embroidery which is called I beaker embroidery as it is termed as Well shading gold Despite its simplicity is embroidery affects their opportunities