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  • 00:00: Hello my Name is Katerina Buida Today I will show you morning 15-minute workout for a slim and beautiful body The workout consists of static postures each of the poses we will hold one minute with a ten-second rest periods how to use this set try to do it for 15 minutes before breakfast early in the morning
  • 00:30: For more than ten years, this workout helps me to keep myself in great shape I am sure that he will help you let's get down to the workout Begin your workout put the stage under the shoulders breath hands crosswise pulling them through the side join palms together exhalation omit to the sides inhalation hands up palms together
  • 01:03: exhale palms down and hand over hand warm up the neck of a circular motion gently and smoothly to the other side of the same warm up the shoulders Reveal the chest and thereby awaken the inner sun
  • 01:31: mentally tune into practice stand on a flat surface foot parallel to the width of the hips inspiratory lift and stretch your arms up parallel to the floor evenly distribute weight We stop the entire surface pull the kneecaps pull your belly expand the chest dip and relax your shoulders
  • 02:02: and buttocks Reach for the sky crown direct the coccyx and sacrum buttocks down feel a surge of strength and energy do the light version holding a towel in his hands stretch the towel in different directions drag his hands up while being careful not to raise the shoulders that the neck was free
  • 02:30: Reach for the sky not only with his hands but the crown the whole body is stretched Do not apply the pelvis forward and do not bend at the waist lower your arms down through maintaining traction as if drawing the sun around pull the arm from shoulder to fingertips
  • 03:02: lower the blade down Get away from the shoulders of the head extending neck if there is excessive tension in the shoulders and neck hands can open a little wider in the diagonal flatten and lower-treat expand the chest
  • 03:31: stretch your arms to your fingertips along the body blades inside and down to the lower back head in line with your spine long neck on the exhale, lower your arms
  • 04:08: actively pull each phalanx of fingers wrists and elbows Feel the energy fills and spreads throughout the body from the soles to the tips of the fingers stretch the towel aside seek his hands up
  • 04:31: pelvis is pulled back breathe normally and quietly every second seek his hands up coccyx ago ears between the shoulders
  • 05:00: exhale, drop the hands to the floor and spins vertebra by vertebra hand in hand breath and exhale, go down into a squat tailbone a little bit higher than the shoulders feet rest on the floor evenly feel like work all the muscles of the hips and legs
  • 05:39: do not hold your breath Breathe easy breath smoothly flows into the exhalation facial muscles are relaxed breathing free breath smoothly flows into the exhalation
  • 06:07: untwist vertebra by vertebra hand over hand inhalation and exhale again in the palm of his hand back squat Now climb up on the floor fingers balancing on the balls and toes
  • 06:32: pelvis is slightly higher than the head feel how tense the calf muscles hip whole body comes to tone breathe normally calm evenly
  • 07:17: untwist vertebra by vertebra hand in hand breath exhale, fingers move on the heels of the ribs on the hips fingers seek distance
  • 07:31: ears between the shoulders neck and head as an extension of the spine try hard to keep a straight line from the coccyx up to top Feel the front of the thigh quadriceps
  • 08:01: open the pads as high off the floor aspire fingers away lengthening the spine coccyx aspire ago balance on heels come out of the pose move to the position
  • 08:30: Strap buttocks tense Press tense and tightened Distribute the weight between feet and hands do the light version kneel down on the floor tailbone looks down top diagonally up
  • 09:01: buttocks and press tense and tightened in this position, pay attention to the press focus on the strong muscles of the press Pushing off with his hands and feet off the ground keep your head up look down
  • 09:35: relax and take a break Pull your wrists forward exhale pushing hands from the floor Take buttocks backwards and upwards pull the arm neck back in line seeking to increase the internal space
  • 10:00: each joint during the execution of this pose with straight legs may be a sensation tension and compression body knees bent will enjoy traction of the spine shoulders and arms coccyx is committed to the sky as the hands are pulled basin will rise above and move back and lengthen the spine freed from compression
  • 10:32: this position is to treat posture relieves fatigue returning lost energy well strengthens the ankle betraying the beautiful shape of gastrocnemius muscle Sit on the floor stand with your feet shoulder width apart place the hands behind the back Thus, the fingers were directed toward the heels
  • 11:00: Inhale and lift your pelvis Keep your thighs parallel to the floor we submit the case forward shifting of the weight on your feet hand-foot body and floor constitute a rectangle lift the pelvis as high as possible foresight head is tipped back slightly adheres to the neck muscles This pose strengthens the wrists and lodyshki
  • 11:32: ensures good mobility of the shoulder joints expand the chest and also forms a strong buttocks and strong thighs Breathing even calm breath smoothly flows into the exhalation
  • 12:04: round the back and push the lower back to the floor leaving the shoulders and thoracic spine on weight Pull straight legs angle of 25-30 degrees relative to the floor stretch your arms towards the feet breathe normally in this position, working the abdominal muscles if they are not well developed
  • 12:30: use the lite version with arms outstretched parallel to the floor lower back pressed to the floor legs stiff and tense extended over the entire surface hands and stretched palms are turned inwards neck continues to curvature of the spine located on the top level with the toes and upwards
  • 13:05: stretch your toes and fingers in opposite directions cut foot heels and stretch into the distance and the fingers to the other side pulling his arms and trying to sit up vertebra by vertebra in a sitting position sag in the back hands in the castle chest tightens up his feet to his feet put to the floor
  • 13:36: Unwind with a neck Relax the shoulders untwist vertebra by vertebra shoulders avert a semicircle ago
  • 14:00: Enjoy your body so what it is now and a foretaste of what it will be in the future develop a culture of body Be in good shape Katerina Buida a wonderful day