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  • 00:00: Hello Now try to make the floor often write to me that Multivarki unit impossible to do We need to make the tube rice porridge with do we have the rhythm which reached something larger bream teach them sparingly We will fry the onion carrot will be ready
  • 00:31: pressure cooker oursson 5005 cook until we roast on a baking more so strong The default mode We are currently disabled force so pouring oil 30
  • 01:06: oh oil directly saute onion warms onions Fry's this that thin cry
  • 01:30: I would like to pre-deum produced meat 50 here turmeric zero barberry seasoning pilaf sing on the market two beakers and I took the steamed there are some especially for the land of for exactly like this not steamed actually always on obtained a
  • 02:00: crumbly fry onions Of course, we have three such as we turned blue Now add carrot and continue fry onion a closer look carrots and can be well, well, what more to good also such a nice
  • 02:31: color is beautiful fried onions and carrots with butter this some orange yellow duck he is very cute looks added good carrot grilling comes from we have 10 minutes on the mode Baking has 126 drops of temperatures onions and carrots fried someone
  • 03:00: It takes a bow carrots and fry separate meat someone puts right away meat onions carrots I I make the meat here direct add Strawn fried meat an additional slightly fry onion carrot that is, it is already here a bow transparent a golden nice to not burnt some not just such a beautiful color here carrots and onions already
  • 03:31: We reached the condition we need carrot is transparent to the to omit meat fry it all paper removed We add our spices a little salt
  • 04:20: 15 minutes fry onion carrot Now Bookmark this meat Temperature 125 times
  • 04:37: so the process of work mean temperature rises-sinks Right now 127 I had just been 129 feature program is general Multivarki so work attempts principle expired heat we have obtained 19 minutes
  • 05:01: even now literally slightly fry myasko and yet it reached the whose consistency I need some degree roasting which right there that is this whitened that is already juice anywhere strong runs if someone you need to fry stronger then us I'm passive already I lay all Figure impose Figure
  • 05:32: and poured hot water 2 cups pour was very skimmer and two cups of rice 3 a half cup of water cup of the liquid
  • 06:00: in a glass of cereals Do not stir the It is like a collect rice rice meat do not mix Includes programs So we spent Now 37 minutes get 23 minutes in It took us to the fact that we prepared as a garlic take one
  • 06:30: head reserve Centre closing lid 3 choose the porridge mode so time We default is 40 minute press Editor because we It was a bowl of hot
  • 07:00: the original the temperature is already 113 that 14 through 40 degrees minutes, open the lid see what turn left three minutes temperature 108 degree course immediately opens cover because there pressure washers where poplavochek the fall Then we will open cap
  • 07:31: so we are waiting completion to give pilaf will be here slices boy is marinated Lucho who wants to can get pickled handle sleep tomato finely onion shredded pepper
  • 08:00: salt fertilizer open the lid gently over not to burn to start this yourself housing neatly happened spread on
  • 08:30: large dish will not Arrange in a a la carte dishes meat that's straight seethe seen here just like it collapsed opium that's straight from us to He broke free zhirnenky there Well just sticks I feel so comfortable so I put coli that is, if not in the horse or not attribute is that this
  • 09:01: pilaf can be eaten I just stick tattoo I get out of here. Our pilaf is ready I am preparing it for 40 minutes in mode porridge and somewhere about 30 minutes of my prepared previously zazharku and sound
  • 09:31: carrots and spices a wasp that is, we We prepare you classic zirvak he has turned this pilaf smells delicious to taste Unfortunately I can not this spring dishes Meat ring with the salad were very delicious all pleasant appetite and until
  • 10:08: Ginny end everything was nowhere to be found Messrs