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  • 00:00: hello today bake cake pearl for cooking this cake was used exquisite recipe French pastry Madeleine and a little culinary imagination molds for baking grease cookie oil pan warm up 150 grams of butter oils heat it up brown and
  • 00:31: walnut flavor filter and it Let cool on a water melt the bath 100 grams of bitter chocolate add one without top tablespoon honey and mix set aside aside kill eggs detachable proteins from egg yolks egg yolks in a closed dish
  • 01:00: Cleaned in the refrigerator they give us in this recipe not need proteins whisk mixer on high speed large foam and stopping beating in three steps add 150 grams of sugar and continue whisking until a dense merengue merengue adding melted honey chocolate gently
  • 01:30: mix add the cooled oil and again very carefully stirred one direction sift in mixture 60 grams of almond and 60 grams of wheat flour carefully stirred one direction to of receipt
  • 02:00: homogeneous dough This test This bit sets fine almond flour can be bought in store or prepare themselves recipe almond flour you You find the recipe cooking marzipan section cooking Tricks on our website or in Russian
  • 02:30: with two spoons or confectionery bag fill test greased molds for baking flatten out this amount test our It obtained 30 cookies bake in advance preheated oven at 170 10-12 degrees Celsius ready cookies
  • 03:01: Let cool to room temperature and spread on wooden board in principle in this form Cookies can already be bring to the table and it is possible to grease one chocolate cookies paste to put nutlet cashew second cover cookies connecting them shaped shells pearl ready cakes passed on to dish and serve with tea
  • 03:31: or coffee dohna vein and good luck to you and pleasant tea