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Zhizhik - Galnash (with dumplings)  See details »

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  • 00:07: at first cut not long midnight it will be even to brown now! we will fry 1 pan heats pan course honestly we found roast and slice
  • 00:45: it is over there move take Street District fry onions with adding butter is so that it is not
  • 01:00: It was the duty and getting here he quickly hungry means here here here is such a bow fried essentially this is the pour on tourists on the street fried taste like it It is marinated still fried onions onion mac as a lilly a bit Umut give hoisted
  • 01:31: slightly Shabangu not fresh delicious We manage a little little broth very little is and to put in warm place and hence a little put out We close the cover or just in broth if you have removed the fat layer This goes for the sauce
  • 02:01: garlic garlic so we begun here and will cut then shall salt bare and the ceiling on chesnokodavilku undesirable means not the garlic will not Brest thing when it became chose it gives shelves and listen to it tasty and fragrant that is not chesnokodavilku and We need potoloch here I'm saving a little
  • 02:32: little very slightly to only gave juice metal cat then than this dish is not beats can and just about yes yes yes well and
  • 03:00: This happens most He became one of the salt on its a little bit and now add very Cold water from muzhichki 20 minutes and leave just just fill spoon the water then that these
  • 03:32: Now mix this stock and will garlic sauce can be to just and pepper roll out on my 5 escudos roll out pancakes five minutes somewhere so now we will cut strips of hair eyes as the load and load before him
  • 04:00: blouses such strips to not such a large Still at least it All this as the most skudatsya Agrippa to chance virgins public slips Now we are on the small I see many stripes
  • 04:30: diagonally here such stripes obtained second-hand tell table and the dough dress up as Dumpling just me their falls twice longer if We set the variable we a glass of water 1 egg in this case, glass of water 2 eggs Well naturally salt convert to a soft Dumplings dough slightly slightly softer than
  • 05:01: tribes and match it to back at all clear So we cut well it Barry and therefore they are not We stick together and Now now we will Top crust twist Now I have come girls these fingers here Screwing places it turns rakushechka Here is a bird I paddle like a pro cat
  • 05:31: then the sauce and then hammock garlic fathers is delayed this rakushechki so she It should be in the form of These rakushechki rakushechki interesting gas tighten rakushechki packs butterflies pack can
  • 06:01: butterflies we raise this large garlic broth very I took off the most fat top means it is the most fat necessarily must today
  • 06:31: Activity already withered cup of toast for clear it is better to Th obtained Advert they vytvorit opening It means in broth which happened hen we are now wrap galoshes readers bombarded galoshes and cook glasses how much of it, and minutes 20 more slightly
  • 07:01: suitcase of floating open when no emerge ready-made then that 20-then they are not it is necessary to emerge and when float is already possible what do you say yes, you can do again put in the center up ears on the sides to the sauce has cooled must always be harry so hot dumplings dumplings here to
  • 07:30: fold down hen it is necessary to ears now show edges along the edges they Yes, this is just another most first noise of course but to chogo cakes for many I is a scientific and narrow
  • 08:01: served Now we are top laid chicken including yet then I will not know what straight off fried Now we add outdoor advertising to deliver this pipe pay
  • 08:33: folding soft together with the knots together with onion at coal let's run
  • 09:01: until then all to enclose more