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  • 00:03: Hi to make good play need not so much ingredients however, the cornerstone this is certainly the dough without him nothing get so let's do the test pizza this will require 400 grams of flour and more Little two hundred thirty milliliters of water room temperature 1 teaspoon teaspoon salt 10 grams dry yeast half a teaspoon 2 tablespoons sugar tablespoons olive oils primarily We need to prepare
  • 00:30: longer ambient water temperature Pour dry yeast and add stirring to yeast solution and reserve encore flour Add salt and well and so mixed Ten minutes passed yeast is alive and begin to work add olive oil slightly Pour peremeshaem flour of the mix
  • 01:05: add remaining flour continue kneading when the whole flour soaked sprinkle working surface and punched in the dough Generally any dough to love him We worked so both native need for 10 minutes as a result of the dough
  • 01:30: stops sticking getting their hands on flexible and at the same while the elastic see if he it should put pressure return to the original state Now bowl olive oil the oil put into it dough and cover cling film leave at room temperature hour and a half one and a half hours dough increased volume more than doubled fold we'll get it out of the bowl on floured surface slightly Punch dough to
  • 02:01: Remove excess air and form ball like so so the dough prepared his Patil to make ahead but if his food wrap the film can be store will jump the refrigerator or a couple of weeks Store see the recipe for pizza
  • 02:30: with ham and cheese and pizza mozzarella salmon even the rights and walk let there be