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  • 00:00: hello today you again and marina we will prepare apple cake apple cake us It requires half kilograms of green apples sweet and sour 1 cup sugar 1 cup semolina 1 cup flour 1 teaspoon baking soda and 100 grams butter apples, we need rubbed on average or a coarse grater Prescription should m be cleared of
  • 00:30: but I peel peel I left because I am more inclined nutrients in Basically it is not us It hurts so first we zaymomsya apples take apples exempt them from remove the middle on fine grater so We act with all
  • 01:02: half kgs interesting recipe
  • 01:32: very culture to like a cake on Paul link with apples so apples I rub with the help of Food Processor blender and so apples I have finished below dark
  • 02:02: pretty hefty filling our We now obtain Getting Started formation the mediation of take a test try in pockets to any that is completely Memory teaspoon soda to extinguish vinegar we will not have Extinguish the apple
  • 02:33: ie which highlights apples as tea soda spoon and show it's all good financial So directly
  • 03:03: dough for the pie we also ready dough turns unusually without sour cream without eggs without liquid water. the apple will be bitches unusual and oil that we are do over already directly When all the layers are lined all is well mix will not lay out layers
  • 03:36: multivarku to soda, we also lead came so take paper baking well and coat with oil that we were conveniently
  • 04:13: well now sprinkle
  • 04:49: We will be laid this length of baking multivarku paper and so sprinkle semolina groats separately to cake She loves butter flour It adheres well Well coupe will be laid
  • 05:44: multivarku so add up the paper baking excess semolina I shook it seems they are not tensor I have measured it is necessary to run away you corner bends
  • 06:21: so the movie Place paper we have Now we Stiller will directly collect the cake and so we place on the bottom of a dry blend mixture we It should be much thinner Korzhik what will apples and flatten possible hands you can
  • 06:54: brush so flatten mixture was first the last layer we It must be made of dough It will then have his first since layer is now ready put apples layer apples should be about a centimeter
  • 07:25: thickness apples, we do not sugar nothing sprinkle on the grade sweet and sour infringed when baking blends sweet and sour especially how we added sugar juicy apples stop
  • 08:02: It may be too little they add to It was not dry and flatten thickness somewhere around centimeters if strong thick we not just cakes will rise the best option to do with his hands and
  • 08:41: laid layers so until we have over the dough take the following layer farinaceous flour layer must be thin but cover completely all the stuffing apple so paved sprinkle on top and
  • 09:22: Brush still possible smoothed slightly that I was not with us was seen take the next layer
  • 09:53: apples again about centimeters thick stirred to absorbed liquid should have four or five layers the last layer must It is made from flour as I have laid out and apples I left to do topsheet should
  • 10:24: be the last Naturally I can not of the dry mix not on top of it we we will cut our massage we stay up sprinkled and publish remaining oil just from above Gather in flocks
  • 11:12: have put So in small pieces in principle, we have cake apple cake ready can be put baked feature will consist in the fact that after baking we leave to cool Multivarki 2 hours can be more that we
  • 11:48: consequences not asil 100 grams of butter us melt impregnate the lower layers so no necklace everything is neatly
  • 12:32: close multivarku baking paper you can stay inside nothing serious select mode bakery products 1:00 you saw in tall cake with us It will be enough so we add more once 20 minutes and press the start button I hasten to add during baking open and watch whatever happens
  • 13:03: bakery products both are in the process can not because the dough will settle and already It never rises and cakes of it obtained low dense and greyish so an hour passed twenty-let see what we happened we have apple pie in Basically it is ready
  • 13:35: It remains of the oil Now we disable Heated we give cake to cool in the right multivarka the longer we will have be the more juicy succeed in Basically, if we I use baking paper then you can get it immediately if you do not You will use baking paper then must be given to these on to
  • 14:06: multivarka it gradually see I began to settle comes meeting and Multivarki because to get to the same pallet I do it better let them leave me It cools off at least an hour two open lid multivarka
  • 14:36: Then we'll get him sprinkling sugar icing and decorate and can be submitted to the table and so I it's been 5 hours one-half hours moment as our speccy pie apple cake in general He has a name often the bulk cake of such Multivarki But in principle,
  • 15:07: large and lush Now I turned his shift on another plate our apple cake completely cooled us left and macro We will decorate icing sugar I'm also the top to strew chopped walnuts and
  • 15:37: apples with nuts blend well I adorn a little bit necessary sometimes such bulk cakes made of pumpkin or clothed so you can try any of the options sprinkle away me nuts not even a handful of
  • 16:07: I know how many there gram not large handful walnuts with Apple is not better all combined and as a finishing touch Decoration is honey apple cake with us
  • 16:37: fully prepared Let's see soft night Here's a puff cake we turned here you can see in the cuts dough layer therebetween apples
  • 17:07: looks very deliciously fragrant so pleasant tea and see