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  • 00:00: Hello again As I promised previous the video where we you considered furnaces device I made this pipsqueak video to show the best This embodiment of the furnace project and can also be download on my site 3 warcraft3 measures and
  • 00:31: heat transfer in the furnace principle not changed for the who for some why not look more Previous material I recall this oven It has dimensions Based on the 64 seventy seven centimeters and a height his 200 three centimeters and height can be either reduce or increase Depending on as allowed ceiling of your home at these
  • 01:00: size heat will be about 1700 watts at 60 disposable furnace and 2942 Feb. 3 times the size of heated room at a power will about 18 22 meters square Well, here we design in the first place as you can see I applied figured brick rounded corners
  • 01:32: Further in the furnace It is used with the door fire-resistant glass using a door You can enjoy the game fire when firing furnace Here's a the cooking chamber's this series did so well as the top row of the extra 3 centimeter at all
  • 02:00: side well and in basically oven It remained the same as the and was so if you do not have such brick rounded corners You can also try do it yourself in Internet if writing as It has done well and in a pinch you can usually results brick then
  • 02:30: angles you will not rounded conventional rectangle and move on to the most poryadovkoy first row you see any features a it is a continuous as well as and the second row, we you must like this in all subsequent series is bandaging joints between rows in the third row
  • 03:00: begins to form freestyle camera that's it two bricks on the sides Zorina camera are set on edge done here established door for cleaning rooms at the back of food made in this horizontal channel and set door for cleaning this channel
  • 03:33: the next four series continues shape solo chamber 5 a number of closes the water pepper and We begin to develop based on the fuel camera with you see use here firebrick
  • 04:00: then here these here bricks prepared from as many as by them it their cutting the long party into three parts but here we see It is two notches in order to establish grate between refractory
  • 04:31: bricks and ordinary ceramic in Odessa should be about five air gap millimeters the easiest get clearance follows up you will Here are laid here brick refractory here inserted packing cartons or that you after the first good about the furnace and burn It is guaranteed there is a gap
  • 05:01: needed for our variants in the same a number of us here here install grates naturally we do with all sides gaps about 5 millimeters to led our packing during expansion from heating grate lattice 6 row set
  • 05:32: Now this door with glass Well, here note that we have our horizontal Here's the channel Cover the brickwork make two vertical channel Now this here first vertical duct 2 uptake This channel will be work directly on
  • 06:01: this chimney channel will connect not from the furnace to the upper cap that will be on a typical well, and a couple of words here that someone on this brick here these Here the vertical joints where it joins the common brick bricks lays solution should not be it is best to lay the
  • 06:32: these vertical seams or basalt cardboard or let asbestos cloth that was not rigid chords here extension case this brick therefore, it will be also applies to subsequent rows is now such Connect the following seventh row we
  • 07:00: just building up our array furnace together with firebox same We do the eighth row opposite is also the same as compound It is the ninth row here we reimplemented fuel door this camera here brick castle
  • 07:30: in the tenth row left aisle between the fuel a first chamber uptake here one can see a number of 11 as mentioned these bricks available on 3 centimeter at all hand in this series It means the passage from first vertical fuel channels the chamber is not yet closed It remains but these here
  • 08:00: side and bricks trimmed obliquely with this hand we according to this the parties did in order to better warmed cooking hobs to be laid on top of you above all desirable things to leave a gap between Now these two extremes bricks and stove about three to half millimeters to
  • 08:30: plate was not played find bricks well, as you can see here is another notch under the cooking plate established cooking hobs Leave a space and 5 millimeters tell the parties between stove and bricks 12 next series we We begin to develop
  • 09:01: cooking chamber here Now these 2 bricks note that overlaps top cooking plate also fireclay 13 series continue form cooking the camera is the same in the fourteenth in a series of 15 row and sixteenth row but in the sixteenth a number of that
  • 09:30: cooking block I put this camera by 4 corner and although will overlap I decided to make the castle these corners did not prevent here here here the bricks are cut off as the you see obliquely here will established two sound brick and here is a cutout
  • 10:01: a latch summer progress and here we see These bricks installed and mounted valve 18 number of additional overlaps another one row of cooking Camera 19 series formed based on top cover note
  • 10:31: attention box style on here these here bricks as in a two parts here 0 view is and two doors posed for cleaning bottom of this cap in the range of 20 We do cap further the same in twenty front row only overlap and doors cleanout
  • 11:00: the same twenty second row but note means that here here are overlapped means between the caps and first vertical channels made ie overlap They are divided between a way that block and was made here can be seen as early as previous row
  • 11:35: twenty-third row repeat the previous series with bandaging of seams the same in twenty fourth row 25 26 27 here these here 2 3 4 bricks are produced in on this side 2 and a quarter brick
  • 12:01: Here is a brick he also released on quarter here and here and here relatively low brick 28 row spans our cap reserve only the main uptake 29 row spans
  • 12:30: oven again here these Now the extra 3 cm close to the thirtieth row We begin to develop our mustaches and here install primary smoke valve oven 31 row continue Pipe construction and etc. let look at the cut and But our furnace
  • 13:03: camera Features here's tans Fuel and fuel gets here in this vertical channel in that if this catch these open Hot gases leave immediately exit warms only I'm cooking hobs
  • 13:33: It is cold in that if this valve will is closed hot gases fuel combustion will go to the lower part our furnace here heats it and will rise up in cap rising door ceiling cap give your yoke cooled heat
  • 14:01: will descend here here it can be seen here base and anyone yet go into the pipe so way will Our work things but it turned out that we We see in this picture Thank you for your attention and until we meet again