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  • 00:07: Good morning, dear friends today I tell you in home Treatment can help fungus on the feet By the way, this problem is particularly date in summer period since high temperatures feet sweat intensively and under it great environment for of harmful microorganisms and Moreover, in the summer, we often walk barefoot on beach and after all the sand and may lurk mushrooms
  • 00:30: which is very easy as the saying goes catch so summer need to be particularly careful First worn best open Shoes made of natural materials that legs will be less sweat and by the way you can not wear the the same shoes every day it is necessary to wash and airing in during the day and respectively but if alternate Fungus yet I attacked your feet then do not hesitate and immediately proceed to the treatment and folk medicine of such cases offers use 20 tiprotsentnuyu alcohol tincture propolis dip a cotton
  • 01:00: tampon in tincture and apply to affected areas skin and stick and hold until the so under a such a procedure should be repeated daily also in the fight against fungus help baths with sea salt a small basin need pour three or four tablespoons sea ​​salt then lower the foot and hold the solution of 15-20 minutes such as trays We need to take every day is still very effectively treats fungus his regular garlic
  • 01:30: to grind and connect with butter in ratio of one to one e.g. one tablespoon of this mass necessary to impose the affected areas Skin and bandage bandage or gauze and after 30 minutes bandage can will remove this compress to do morning and evening, and then the effect is not long in coming
  • 02:06: what it is today all the tips I I wish you good Health and easy walk to the new meetings