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  • 00:00: to begin processing the neck you should treat shoulders and cuts March this item podbort we single cut it doubled over ironing and wrapped on overlock to tint facings
  • 00:30: item that we we will process the neck is necessary fold in half the product aligning with the bead edge the very mouth of shoulder sections side and preferably sections for armhole convenience, you can put in the hands of the sleeve to produce a tailoring as much as possible Have I cleave side neck shoulder seam pins and more 1 pin me back
  • 01:01: of the germ here You can also add bulavochki and middle seam or the midline back I tint facings of dublerin double-folded itself product putting on dublerin In the way that It was not in no piping creases and dents, I do not
  • 01:32: afraid of what the product moves so it firmly chipped pins Now the internal neck loop you can circle or just cut I cut the inner
  • 02:03: contour of the neck product and outlined the outer contour departing from internal 4 I'm not a centimeter add any seam allowance on board and on average back line cut the outer section of the piping Label that we we put put
  • 02:34: metochku with the part of the backrest to nothing confused and pasted on the dubbing I pasted cloth cars on the fabric which remained after cutting products of cars have turned one piece since fabric and I remained enough after that I cut adding facings only the only one allowance from back others
  • 03:04: allowances we do not I first need two facings press them apart seam seaming the metal from the stucco cut facings on overlock it's time Examples of ready facings for this I I impose it on product combining middle seam piping with an average back line products course cutoff neck also
  • 03:36: while combined you see a wheelbarrow cut quite though she is fully follows the contour and neck region board to cut the excess part of the piping I drew on it edge line at the board and already on the intended line receded I needed two Now centimeters the excess part of the piping cut very simply I dragged ready
  • 04:08: piping selection there at start-up pritachivaniya I press them apart previously on s selection made on bird connecting neck sap wheelbarrow I should prune ugolochke himself allowance as a wheelbarrow about half a also perform notch on the neck to seam grinding angles and allowance clipped on estrus made
  • 04:39: now is the time the anchor line fixing line laid by piping literally two millimeters from grinding the seam at this necessarily to seam allowances They were folded in side piping fixing line It allows us to avoid such operation as a buttonhole if you completed
  • 05:11: anchoring place will be sufficient one and ironing The latest operation honing neck this consolidation free cut facings secured it can be any known and convenient you way I Selected frozen using finishing lines finishing line can lay both on the edge of the piping and close to the neckline neck besides
  • 05:42: free slice can and hem blind stitches or put on the thermoplastic adhesive that people It called cobweb