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  • 00:00: Hello friends with you Elena Krasovskaya author Internet projects beautiful to sew is not forbid how Known loops are among the basic elements loop fasteners are hinged and carried now we'll see how can loop in automatic practically all household electromechanical modern machine can perform straight slotted the underwear loop many machines do this loop in semi-automatic four mode reception without turning
  • 00:30: fabrics those. in order to execute such a loop necessary in the process produce 4 switching that is you have nothing left hand hinges vydemyvaniya more bobbin holder right side and shortcut Binding 4 switching the machine off computer management of electronic do automatic loop mode such machines are capable of perform up to ten and even more species loops besides traditional linen is
  • 01:00: to be a costume hinge with eyelet loops for knitted loop rounded edges others besides here it is possible once make a loop start its parameters in memory and the machine do any quantity absolutely identical loops that is very convenient for the loops are not looped out we must forget about pressure on the fabric paws in many cases of its it is necessary to weaken especially if the fabric thin after you will adjust thread tension and foot pressure is necessary select the frequency and
  • 01:30: tiger gai thickness thread and then I loop will be already beautiful and smooth to perform loops on the car with electronic management is needed not necessarily mark loops for products take off first foot basic establish special tab but beforehand install a button we need the diameter it's not obligatory there must be a button exactly what you use in the product because she can be for example with
  • 02:00: foot some dense and do not enter into paw you can simply remove button of the same diameter Then you need to make sure that the thread is missing through the hole in The trays are located under paw you go through the loops well if necessary adjust length stitch density bars and attention it is necessary before making loop on the product make sure it's on cutting fabrics from take products stabilizer and
  • 02:31: set up the desired you frequency width frequency loop length stitch- width hinge all this is needed set up on a trial pieces of material and only after that already do a loop on product then we place piece under the foot we combine holes on the presser foot then necessarily lower the buttonhole lever and push it into direction from oneself to the stop and either According to
  • 03:01: your sewing machine and start sewing holding the fabric the loop is exhausted from front of back of the foot it's very simple she herself makes bracing itself carrying out four operations and end of sewing you need Raise the presser foot further having done what you need number of loops cut a loop for order to be neat cut without damaging products without damaging the loop can be take advantage such cunning here and so put
  • 03:31: she will be a needle such a reliable limiter for blades ripper but also cut a loop so you do not damage the loop and do not cut and and more than you need all loops done look what happens if all of a sudden you are absent-mindedness about forgetfulness of either simply because they have studied the instructions from your sewing machine forgot to lower it this toggle lever then there is here I have it now
  • 04:02: I will raise and I will do loop see what occurs regardless of what diameter do you have there were some buttons diameter you installed a loop will roll out these are due to this she will be very small size naturally no buttons we are not here
  • 04:32: We will be able to network so after you chose to see loops have established special folder the button of the desired diameter or dimensions what loops do you need? do not forget this one the lever needs to be pulled out and a little forward to know or that he rested here in this then press the buttonhole will be hand out here we look now loop fully
  • 05:03: fit the diameter of the button which we have installed in contrast to that loop which was executed without lowered lever a pay it attention because sometimes this paragraph can very much to us on spoil the mood I wish you the best of luck kind with you was Elena Krasovskaya