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  • 00:00: how to make and mustard mask for hair especially this masochka is good one hair this moment fall but she This mask is good hair and strengthens and shine certain go now We will do this a little masochku of taste bitter So I start
  • 00:37: masochki mustard masochki's loss hair so you do not need 1 egg yolk that's one point lived I'll add honey honey a must melt one melt as water bath he must be in a liquid state and means I have added one zheltochek
  • 01:08: I'll take two teaspoons spoon of honey to one zheltochek two tea honey is such a it melted and We will prepare a Hair food but what a night early I triturated with zheltochek honey then I I do then otherwise you can take that because you can castor oil must take burdock can be take olive oil So I'll take
  • 01:39: let me take today castor bridges as castor oil 2 teaspoon on this the proportion of the two teaspoon castor oil quietly now I I will all the same because and naturally hard grind or whip who have little micro mixers I have but there the battery ran down already you have to buy a new batareechku so when it's all destroyed
  • 02:11: given the fact that it will mask mustard I add us mustard powder mustard powder need to add little bit more then if you think that such here tablespoon teaspoon of Here knife like mine I add them two much more for I am beginning not to add 2 let us for one First you need one added because this mask it when we Apply on the skin
  • 02:42: head can not each suitable napechet so to start can add slightly less mustard but it very, very effective here read the mask is ready and certainly better I get such good rub grind them woods gruel that we get any weight homogeneous mass klassnenko turns and I I am doing more and more
  • 03:13: Now this mush needed rub into the hair roots fundamentally erase you from horoshenechko it this mask is very good for those who have skin oily but if you have a skin dry is what you need less mustard and more oil or castor or Olive oil More but add to oily skin it is generally a wonderful then when this is All you rub into the roots
  • 03:43: hair if there is such a Hair cap the it must be put on up with this here hat if she's from if such a cap There is nothing wrong also not be a night take regular cellophane kulechek and this key endowed puts on commission head then head to wrap up what you there have cap puts no cap
  • 04:13: cap put on it towel handkerchief for Mat shook his head Jesus this is so masochka that wanted to show our like many keep a very the right question then keep it can this mask as much as you able minutes 10 15 20 30 why because Mustard she did and So I say I stand quietly My legs do not bake but if you for zapechet good only
  • 04:43: Template wash it a long time to keep the there are 10 minutes and 15 20 all 40 to I probably they think all Well stand it such means Kikuchi but it's effective and Hair Loss klassnenko and hair growth, too will be good try a mask good marine mask I tried this and I will also try and do today be some kind Take care of your hair here and so I wish you good luck