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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends are in touch with you Claudia Root and Today we will cook gingerbread but the simplest cooking method gingerbread means me too here weighed 750 gram of flour Well, I do not know she will enter it all or not 05 kefir y I have one glass sugar 1 teaspoon soda and I have as gingerbread from the word spicy means me spices here
  • 00:30: me a teaspoon nutmeg and 4 vegetable spoons oil and now I I'll take a little flour because I do not know how she will enter all or not will come later add here we will knead dough then we pour out our Kefir is falling asleep here
  • 01:02: our sugar nutmeg mixed spice to taste add you can add cinnamon mint and so on so we
  • 01:34: a little for the smoke soda as it can yogurt not all take away owls to smell sweat these eight rest will seize kefir and we will mix our the dough should not be in his standing in the end I will weigh
  • 02:21: the remainder of the flour if it will remain and then you I will point out the exact amount of flour by 0 5 kefir gingerbread will turn out
  • 02:51: a lot of course my certainly beneficial do at home conditions or buy here you are already know what you put I 'll show you later recipe for complex gingerbread where spices and very much with the addition of zest orange lemon but for now
  • 03:21: analyze the most simple way cooking gingerbread so pour our butter here with us four tablespoons sprinkle with flour
  • 04:05: a little table and pour out our dough we knead it on back there, well, that's almost all
  • 04:47: the flour is leaving us roll out the dough such that approximately in finger thick probably like this and cup with any we will here are settle on parchment of gingerbread sho dough like this and take it all leaves leaves
  • 05:17: so our gingerbreads already stand in the oven heated to 200 degrees around 15 minutes I put there we'll see now we will cook prepare glaze for this take the capacity here a glass of sugar me and half a glass of milk but who does not have milk need water and set how to boil over slow fire for about 10 minutes and
  • 05:47: here we have already got our gingerbread from me on two sheets were they are in the oven 15 minutes now they cool down I'll put them in a bowl and here are our peppers already in I bowl their icing water completely and then another cash on we put them for drying out in oven
  • 06:17: ten minutes can interfere and now I'm in the glaze in their gingerbread and folded on a leaf again on the same most
  • 06:47: and put in the oven heated to only 100 degrees minutes per 10 for 15 and here are our gingerbread cookies almonds are not they can be dried they do not stick to pleasant hands appetite and good luck to you