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  • 00:02: Sudan excellent means to combat fungus than just not treats people fungus legs even concentrated acetic acid that of course very dangerous here here best assistant needed every night to do baths to draw feet in a bowl with hot water that rather the court two
  • 00:32: teaspoonfuls 2 tablespoons tea spoons salt and iodine spoon and wife the night should be lubricated many concentrated soda solution wear polyethylene bags on their feet to socks and bag warrior become do these treatments every night and soon your tender feet
  • 01:00: forget about the essence and tension that cause fungus skin and skin on heels will be clean elastic you forget about the cracks and leave the corn and their corns shooter ugly beauty coloring ways and will find the color pink become healthy and
  • 01:31: brilliant passing decrease sore bones near thumb feet I assure you stay fan of the plain white powder for sodium carbonate baking soda here a simple and effective method fungus treatment on worse and I'll nail if you told like recipe
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