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Marinade for a shish kebab from mutton - the video recipe  See details »

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  • 00:11: Hello I have an assistant in the kitchen My name is Anton Ershov and with you today we marina Laid lamb Month Poster you need to hit one with a special gift half Kiev cilantro beam alone garlic however, if the mono Baku tomatoes
  • 00:31: but the crusade one tablespoon This sodium cars 150 grams of vegetable oil Celine Dion and mineral water 200 gram to start large lamb Paris slices obtained from the trip meter Onions cut into devices not miss through a meat grinder to it must clearly established
  • 01:02: tomatoes cut into arbitrary and slightly stretching garlic cut into arbitrary Film finely chop lemons, design freely and lightly on May add MSG as pepper They interrogated him well
  • 01:32: way to create pickled is faster to add a half-way since it contains have Islam that make me lessons arbitrarily chop and squeezing the marinade any vegetable oil left over reserve receptacle for four hours Pine is ready to give them all a pleasant appetite and delicious day array efficiently removes dirt leaving the surface of the radiant honor