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  • 00:00: this lovely textured stitch is called the eye of the Partridge stitch and it's a great way to add some interest and some sturdiness to your heel flap of your top down sock so it makes this basically diamond checkered pattern it and it's just a pattern of slipping and knitting stitches on your heel flap just ignore this this is the edge right here you can't really see the pattern here as much but from about here you can really see how that checkered pattern comes out
  • 00:30: and how cute it looks so it's a sequence of three rows that you repeat while it's actually four rows to the rows or just purling and this is how it goes and I'm going to show it to you the way I'm going to show it to you is I'm going to go through the sequence once with you I'm going to do a continental style then I'm going to go through it again American style and give you some hints as to some common mistakes that come up when people are are doing this stitch so let's get started the sequence starts
  • 01:03: out with slipping the first stitch and knitting the second one so just slip it like this from the left-hand needle to the right hand needle without doing anything and go ahead and knit the next stitch and we're going to repeat those two all the way down to the end making sure that you end with a knit one and if your heel flap has a mine even number of stitches you will end with a knit one and you can go ahead and pull this tight
  • 01:31: this slip stitch we really want to tighten that up right there where we did not knit it right there so you don't have to leave it loose like you might want to in other fabrics like mosaic stitch alright let's see here we go so we just knitted so let's go slip knit flip net slip net and slip in good alright from
  • 02:03: here you're going to want to turn just like that and if you're working on a sock which you probably are you're going to have the rest of the sock right here right don't worry about it just turn your work around leave that part just as it is don't even touch it moving me on to the front because we're going to purl go ahead and slip the first stitch on the purl side like that and then we're going to purl across these stitches that we have on the needle the instructions say slip 1 purl across right a lot of people
  • 02:31: misunderstand that and they go slip 1 purl 1 slip 1 purl 1 slip 1 Pro 1 all the way across don't do that it's not right just slip 1 oops and Pro all the way across easier this way why do we slip the first stitch of every row do you know it's yeah it looks nicer but also because on a heel flap you're
  • 03:01: going to be picking up these stitches right and joining them back up to your sock and it's really nice to have this elongated row of stitches that's so easy to pick up into right like that so that is why we slip the first stitch of every row on a heel flap all right the second pattern sequence for the knit side goes like this slip two just like that and then we're going to go knit one slip one
  • 03:32: knit one slip one all the way across making sure that we end with a knit two over here until we don't want to end with a slip that wouldn't work right so knit one slip one knit one slip one and knit too good
  • 04:00: easy right okay you know what to do all the wrong side rows or all the pro side rows move the yarn to the front slip the first stitch like that and let's pull across so we've just finished or we're about to finish one whole sequence of this pattern
  • 04:32: am I going too fast okay lovely ready all right I'm going to show you the same the same stitch pattern one more time through oh it's so pretty so ignore these borders to just right here they don't look as good they're going to be picked up but these are the ones that look nice so doing this American style let's go over some of the questions that people commonly have as we go through
  • 05:03: this again alright first does it matter which way I slip I have to slip knit wise or pro wise and no it really doesn't matter as long as you're consistent what I tell people is that if you want you can slip knit wise like this on every knit row and then slip purl wise on every Pro row I happen to just slip every slip stitch purlwise for me that's a lot easier than having to keep tracking I think it looks
  • 05:31: fine um here I think I recommend that you just slip everything pro wise but in general it really doesn't matter alright oops let's do some purling backwards I do show you this at another video in the in the socks and the different sake books I'm in the superstar ebook this for me is a nice quick way to whoops to work back across my work without having
  • 06:00: to turn it and retention my yarn right so we're just purling backwards now I think you can search my youtube channel as well for pearling backwards although the youtube search isn't the greatest alrighty let's talk about what happens when you
  • 06:32: don't remember where you are okay like for instance I don't remember if I'm on the mmm the first pattern row or the second row row number three I don't remember let's do this American style so how can I tell right because I don't like it when you guys have to write stuff down cover your notebook with little with little marks about where you are I'm just going to fix this really quick see how that didn't come out very well right there we go there we go gonna
  • 07:01: fix that what we're talking um so what you can do is look at your knitting to find out all right and looking at my knitting it doesn't look that good there we go that's better all right there's the first stitch I already slipped it so let's look at the pattern here slipped stitches are elongated they didn't get knitted so one stitch basically has to cover two rows of knitting and it gets elongated like this can you see them can you slip the slip stitches there's one
  • 07:30: looking just down one row there's one there's one there's one and there's one and we're going to alternate where they are right to make the diamond pattern really show up we're going to alternate where they are so just find a slip stitch there's one and say okay this time I'm not going to slip that one I need to knit it right so just go knit and then count backwards slip knit slip so it looks like we're on row 3 which we already knew because we've been following along but slip two and then
  • 08:04: knit one slip one all the way across so a similar question how do you know if you let's see how do you know where you are in the row right if you just slipped one or if you just knitted one you can look at them look at what your yarn is and look at what it just did give it a pull see how it's attached to this loop right here it's part of this loop okay I just
  • 08:30: knitted that I made that loop just now so it's time for me to slip if I don't remember where I am and I just slipped a stitch just go ahead and look at where your yarn is you can see oh it's not attached to that stitch at all it's attached this one so I just did a knit slip now it's time to knit again and I know it may sound silly but if you're in your knitting group and you're chatting happily you're going to look down and be like where am I what what is it time to do and just look at your knitting look at your yarn look at where those elongated stitches are there they are
  • 09:00: there's our new a lump elongated stitches right there and they alternate in this lovely diamond pattern so we can proce one last time I know you guys don't really want to see me purl American style right we have slipped that one no I promised to be fair here we go thought my yarn in front there we go and
  • 09:31: we can see how this looks once we've done two repeats of this pattern another thing to note is that this pattern looks best when you are knitting nice and snug when you're knitting with size two needles with fingering weight yarn that I think that the tighter you knit this texture pattern the better it looks the more the slip stitches show up all right
  • 10:07: all right there we have it this I of the Partridge stitch so try it on your neck steel flap LC doesn't look pretty try it on your next heel flap and it will add a little bit of interest to the back of your sock