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Knitting by spokes for beginners. Dense elastic band\/\/\/Knitting for beginners. Thick rubber - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:10: Good day knitting enthusiasts spoke this video tutorial will demonstrated knitting process thick elastic band is the front side of it Wrong side This pattern can be
  • 00:31: use knitting hats and scarves sweaters and possible other products this pattern fit to an even number loops the height of the rapport repeated on 4 rows but before begin this knitting products should provyazyvat several rows the best odd
  • 01:01: the number of rows to alternating from 1 Wrong 1 front Wrong face and so until the end of series then perform a report by 4 rows so we are now about knit 4 rows and rapport this figure 1 hinge
  • 01:30: withdrawn sc next loop removed as the front follow out a number sc the loop is removed front nakida the loop is removed front sc and 3 persons
  • 02:00: front so performs not until the end of the series last bead always provyazyvaetsya 2 wrong number drawing pattern our first shoot provyazyvaem Wrong and sc These loops shoot making sure that
  • 02:30: sleep right I fell into the loop and and retake it Wrong sc remove Wrong sc shooting repeat this way to the end of the series and the last bead seamy Wrong sc remove Wrong
  • 03:03: sc shooting follow out a number of knitting 3 rows first remove the pattern We do nakida all here these three loops that is, there are two and one sc loop we all together we remove sc and be sure to remove
  • 03:32: We follow to the right sleep fell exactly in the front loop and rapport repeat sc remove loops front nakida 3 remove loops front nakida 3 thus remove repeat until the end
  • 04:01: a number 4 rows of knitting pattern first shoot and then 1 Wrong and then we need all of these 4 knit loops face while grab for the back wall here
  • 04:32: look carefully to sleep right It was part of a loop or the rear wall of the factory grab the thread provyazyvaem and 4 together the rear face wall omit loops and repeat Wrong report 4
  • 05:04: along the front of the rear wall Wrong four along the front the rear wall
  • 05:35: necessarily to track and I spoke it was part of the loop possibly due it thread will and cling to the process knitting inhibited and 1 Wrong
  • 06:00: four along the front in this way follow out a number 4 of our series then knit pattern height fav repeat 1 to 4, these series we are now with you knit necessary number of times Watch this face
  • 06:31: It should be the party it Wrong knitting a dense yarn consumption of a large is but the product is connected and this pattern is very warm and so if you like this pattern This video tutorial place the class share video data
  • 07:03: write comments where do you think better to use This pattern is also Subscribe to my channel or youtube I join my group schoolmates you are guaranteed will receive new knitting lessons knit with pleasure and certainly before the new meetings