Three rules of photographing: ISO, endurance and diaphragm  See details »

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  • 00:13: expensive camera high-quality images but if you do not shoot at auto mode, the three pillars shooting sensitivity iso shutter speed and aperture diaphragm controls the amount of light which takes place through the lens
  • 00:31: Essentially this partition which consists of petals if it is close to matrix falls less light if open more the diaphragm value f always presented decimal number and the more open the aperture so it is less than that is when the diaphragm frame 64 on the matrix falls less all over the world at most 0.7 different diameters Aperture influence in primarily on disc depth portrayed object abbreviated
  • 01:01: if the diameter of the neck small aperture All objects will be equally sharp if the diaphragm Focus will be opened Only the main subject and all that surrounds it blurred to happened Photo need that on the matrix I hit the light time for whose light strikes the CCD It called exposure or time exposure should take into account that High-Speed the shutter is opened just a few hundredths of seconds and then
  • 01:30: camera as if freeze the motion the subject and Conversely when exposed second moving objects will be on post pictures a trail is may be used as welcome that will highlight dynamics happening the third parameter to you and aperture soaking definition right exposure is photosensitivity film solar cell or sun yet it is called from a the more of a fact less light is needed To obtain
  • 02:00: correct picture all three of these concepts aperture and shutter speed photosensitivity add up to exposure if it right to holy photos will match the colors in the reality and the relationship between three parameters can be much for example, if you want a little close diaphragm but increase exposure or photosensitivity result is not change