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  • 00:07: especially in the spring I want to be light and Air told her his girlfriend policy and roll she replied Nadia you need learn to do vozdushki today we will learn hello my expensive what you're saying if you thought that the we are talking about some fire the arms deal absolutely not in this this vozdushki the title such equipment yes yes
  • 00:31: a special equipment it is based hinged on the air who know how to knit crochet I knew immediately what was going speech technology and armchairs Showcases for mastering NAME Chine more popular than others sprat rockers and fish hendmeyd Meister so and pay not so niche solar for you so how wonderful rested and beckons them design rim on the side and the romantic at night accessory necklace bracelets succeed this horn aunt ter Spring-Summer 2013 oris her Funeral feast Barney
  • 01:00: voluminous and paint over and among both Pirlo Karl Lagerfeld for budinku fashion Chanel of the blood picture could reach dolce & gabbana atpl and views of the Zerg Hollywood power bi field has been and may find fools and Sam of the strongest Hollywood pony wife his foot rex mil flees embellishment and yes strengthen cheese Plato and me, we we do here such a bracelet on I want to want that much to we start with little and then of course you can repeat it and necklace and earring perhaps some
  • 01:30: we need to cast three things is a hook sheet and wood beads Us need thickness 0 1 0 3 millimeter 100 m coil fishing line worth 18m then have enough little it is 100 meters we can to weave for the whole family but my this bracelet we do leave 25 meters the most I think the main thing to the material was simply but the quality of the as you want to share a little with you experience when you buy beads pay attention to what it was originally
  • 02:00: bead was enough quality not to We have seen that somewhere there some crack some breakaway for to check you can take a few beads and simply slightly rubbed eventually if you have nothing It remains in the hands of no paint and she it means not oblazit it's quality product So get down to loops for this we need kryuchochek but it's normal Crochet hook Once they are thicknesses which we should choose us better to choose a number one and a half or 2 what we're doing now I show on plump such cords to
  • 02:30: It was very evident graphically and then show how it will look on the line we do loop ordinary and We do it with your fingers we do then We take our kryuchochek we keep on forefinger our left hand a long rope in right hand we kryuchochek we grab grab our rope and thread pull it ie knit crochet Primer and that is, we we get here are here loops one after another that ranks I want you to
  • 03:00: I tried ie taking here in loop catching and pro dream and here we learned to do it but I do not I understand how it beads can turn show how we We do with fishing line we do uzelochek but jewelry enough to work necessary train Olechka admit just how much time did you have to weave here this bracelet this bracelet out about two hours just as we circle is in tabs on the left
  • 03:30: hand on the index finger at us we are fishing line grab threaded means for we get worse because it is in our such attempts constantly better at different hand to kill That's why we have such as clear as the loop with rope so we do not because it turns out special first appeared on rope to understand how it should be built here such here five tidy we have built one after another and now proceed to the beads, and we take strung on twine Just apply a bead before
  • 04:00: disposable in such order in which they have will be held at this bracelet is there is one revolution one type of beads 2 turnover is also the second then we kind of beads We begin to weave and slowly pushing Our beads I am now I show how it will be to look like We make our loop basic with which It will have all work the hook into the loop and take out the other loop and here and so that we continue then do we take one bead as the close Move hook and grab
  • 04:30: already for our bead and it is inside loops us it is necessary to make the order Ten empty loops it is possible to do in Streak can be admit alternating with empty loops can be done even enough small beads and very a lot of empty loops then it will be all feeling that a few beads a duck floating in the air above your decollete but you can in one Two loop start the beads can be here a huge field your imagination and your inspiration just as we and small
  • 05:01: beads so small just as we captures more just in case Collar with us get a little more this way very light and very safe way even for children that is basically no needles anything dangerous we do not like I said already before We continue and accurately also plait large beads between large can weave quite kids after 20 and cove 25 full centimeters turn around our wrist we do several empty loops so they have
  • 05:30: at the bottom here, I did 6 610 need here so as to What is empty hinges make empty loop we do for In order for all rows our band, we could muster today I will show how it will be look and here we one row here we made air loop without our empty bead we here will collect and here here here here and so here so more more and it turns out our bracelet at the end when we finished weave We last bead Some do it again air
  • 06:00: loops and tying easy to knot the we have been cut off of our main Coil yes because I then discovered that the if let's say you beginning to weave a then he stopped and so if you pull the all rope bloom unit clamp checks can be Now fix this last week you can bulavochkoy It may be some invisible all that hand you have than you can Now fix this loop so that it does not blossomed yes because if here are doing the large beads time much more need and here again it is clear
  • 06:30: that here with this coil fishing line which we She started us It needs to end work because we do not know how much fishing line have rewind and so we along the ramp gun and all that We perform well We will fix it all openwork cap you wonder what Well, of course it is a openwork cap it's this here beautiful little thing that there and pick it up at Hardware store you can buy a Thing we need them 2 the two sides, and they will be joining our as a part of the bracelet
  • 07:00: also attach this openwork cap to the base of the bracelet I do not believe that's a Thing is here special jewelery pins firstly it good enough bends but It holds its shape well and it does not have from you rags have tailor pin bends and we you can either fold instruments special we're with they met when we made of different wire decorations for it here example tweezers so that the each of us home Round here there our bulavochku
  • 07:31: We begin to collect and one row we empty loops leave because This will be the second our crumbs bracelet here through one we start to string skip skip stringing the edge 2 there will be a reserve Now the other part this openwork and the mounting and so we have collected and to the second part, we likewise gather What's next now we have sharp edge stretch out in our This opening pervades and
  • 08:00: tools we all now! but you can draw out pliers need tweezers that there are also home disembowel her husband so gut can have he has something to take Now we take our openwork cap dress there us special the hole and all of our Now here these edges extreme nodules and all Now these pieces here that we stick to hide the dog Now we need to the top of the to do eyelet take wire cutters and cut off leaving crumbs order centimeter and a half Even after doing this very carefully
  • 08:30: because we know he could from to stream now cant do in side 90 degree and now Round grabs the edge and wrap do the loop is such Collar with us It happened after this is our this eyelet loops when we can attach any the clasp of the same old boost that we We cut to to make new Statement jewelry which clasp there was, we can also use either Buy in store such fastener 20 cents worth here are a couple and on the other hand same thing will
  • 09:00: buckle can be used even basically, instead of fasteners can be use Two ribbon ribbons which, together with you can link ready in my opinion great city to live I am sure that you get better can also be fantasy choose variety beads and do and bracelets and necklaces, bead and even earrings just as da Halles just only here we used already so that's very
  • 09:30: beautiful beads which is poured but very very different flowers and the pink Brown here at pearl instead fishing line, we here used thread beautiful golden that it was not ordinary Portnaya some white thread ugly yes to it is also in harmony I looked earrings and these earrings we We made four individual segments the fact is, between a you, we did them no Out of the corner we were fastened simply tied to nodule but due to the fact that beautiful thread but it looks very harmony and all that we strung here on I'm looking stud Olechka with thee, nor Love Enough Well First without removing
  • 10:00: sidushku do not shoot course and secondly you noticed that Olechka today in a dress transformer which She taught us all sew and this new version of his let's incarnation greet my dear friend which today He revealed to us all secrets with the help of fishing line and hook beads that we I like to create that's such a beauty This spring we really will light air Thank you for the truth choice and I These news