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  • 00:00: Hello to you site master hand. no My name is Nina Andreeva Now I'll show you how to Knitting replenished fabric pattern to perform sample This pattern is necessary dial the spokes 26 ie loops 24 loops multiple of three + two edge loop so
  • 00:31: We begin to knit with the first row of the first loop rented bead and more 2 facial provyazyvaem loops and a loop I have a turnover It has a loop It called long and 2 again face one with two loops gates 2 face one loop
  • 01:02: two turns, and so the entire first row prices were one loop is my speed repitsy you one loop two gates 2 facial and so dovyazyvaem until the end a number of recent Collar will
  • 01:32: bead provyazyvaem seamy loop then turn Knitting on the wrong side and start Knit the second row as the usually an edge remove the speed loop miss and long loop not provyazyva make a copy on the right spoke on go 2 facial loop again albeit retake The Working thread
  • 02:00: It is in front provyazyvaem him and her front loop, and so throughout the series indulges 2 and retake facial and shoot they are now working go facial loop play and so the entire series provyazyvat knitting this pattern is simple
  • 02:30: This pattern fabric it is applied for performance jackets of thick filaments so slack until the end a number of recent loop and bead unfold knitting on the right on the front side Now we carry out a number of 3 so the first Collar removed further provyazyvaem the two facial 1 reshoot long loop on the right needle not provyazyvaya and
  • 03:01: they are now working for the knitting and again 2 or remove facial 2 facial make a copy and so on end of the row to make 2 facial provyazyvaem and remove long loop on the right needle and provyazyvaem dovyazala until the end third row last an edge
  • 03:30: as usual provyazyvaem wrong and now fourth row means Now for the first loops perform so first second loop provyazyvaem wrong and removing the first loop provyazyvaem too wrong and now take off immediately for then the front loop It comes again second there is Wrong first provyazyvaem
  • 04:00: facial and purl and so on until the end of the series carry I first 1 then and second in the Wrong front and so on until the end row 1 2 holds bells and whistles 2, first provyazyvaetsya then 1 type where the front first 2 provyazyvaetsya and then
  • 04:30: 1 front so provyazyvaem until the end still a time and a number of right and wrong Loop help now Now look at obverse obtained a beautiful fabric floor pattern of the 5 series knitting begins both the 1-series pattern
  • 05:00: be many and I wish to repeat luck was with you sites he is a master. no