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Video subtitles:
  • 00:21: what if I never kiss you lips again Fila touch or sweet embrace I would I
  • 00:31: ever go on without there's a place to belong someday love is gonna lead you back to me doesn't have an empty heart so I'll just have to believe somewhere up there thinking of me do we say
  • 01:03: goodbye till asleep you looking I'll be right remember and lift there will be I still cry down can't deny it's not goodbye
  • 01:32: you think I'd be strong enough to make a nice above but it's so hard to be strong missing somebody it's just a man six time and I can't
  • 02:00: won't you try as as you can together and flower - bye see you again I'll be right I can't
  • 02:40: goodbye do
  • 03:01: Oh - it's a just in the way Oh
  • 03:30: it's done to time is on no more
  • 04:01: and I can't No